The hottest paper industry rebounds and improves i

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On December 4, analysts of Guolian Securities pointed out in their latest research strategy for the paper industry that, driven by the national paper industry policy, leading enterprises in the industry are expected to enter a new growth ladder and become internationally competitive in the situation of constant strength of the strong. The hot spots in sub industries are continuous, and there is full potential for recovery. The rapid development of the paper industry in 5 Hushan Industrial Park in Minhou Qingkou Investment Zone has attracted a large number of investment funds, making the industry extremely competitive, and the level of industry profit margin began to decline, but the overall profit of the industry will be favored by more and more businesses, and the situation is still optimistic. Guolian securities predicts that the boom in 2008 will further rebound on the basis of 2007, and the paper industry will enter a new round of high-speed growth. With the support of the "paper industry policy" and the national policy of focusing on the large and releasing the small, we will continue to pay attention to the enterprises in the industry or sub industries that achieve real high-end and sophisticated products. It is expected to become a leading enterprise with international competitiveness in the situation of the strong being always strong

strong demand for raw materials has led to rising costs. Guolian securities expects that the international pulp price will remain high and grow steadily next year, but there is little possibility of a sharp rise. In this case, more attention should be paid to pilot enterprises with the concept of forest paper integration. In addition, white cardboard, cultural paper, coated paper and other sub industries are constantly hot, which can not only eliminate people's previous impression of "light and cheap" plastics, but also have the potential and power of industrial recovery

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