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It is urgent for the paper industry to solve the shortage of epidemic prevention and control goods

release date: Source: China Paper Association, consumption

recently, the epidemic of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus in Wuhan, Hubei Province has affected the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. All provinces have made emergency responses, and various publicity and popular science about pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus are also in full swing

recently, the Ministry of emergency management of the people's Republic of China released the "Knowledge Manual for the prevention and control of pneumonia infected with novel coronavirus", including the knowledge of work area protection and personal protection. However, in the process of printing brochures, the paper industry also tells small stories. They are either printing propaganda materials for epidemic prevention and control, or participating in the production of pharmaceutical packaging boxes, or donating equipment to rush to the epidemic area

the printing and Distribution Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee requires all localities to grasp the situation in a timely manner, give voice and guidance in a timely manner, communicate and coordinate in a timely manner, and take actions in a timely manner, so as to be responsible and conscientious, and ensure the printing guarantee task of epidemic prevention and control. The difficulties and problems encountered in the work should be reported and fed back at the first time. As of January 31, 2020, a total of 882 guarantee printing enterprises that have returned to work in advance have been summarized and reported across the country

learned that after the above notice was issued, Hubei Wuxue Liwen printing factory reported that the urgent problem to be solved at present was the shortage of PS version and paper, which could not be purchased. The printing plant mainly produces epidemic brochures, leaflets, slogans, etc. for Wuxue CDC and Wuxue people's hospital. After receiving the problems faced by the enterprise, the printing and Distribution Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee asked the China Paper Association, which was contacted urgently, whether the supply of paper could be coordinated around Wuxue, Hubei Province. After the coordination of the association, the enterprise successfully connected with the sales leaders of Chenming paper

go all out to support epidemic prevention materials in multiple directions by paper enterprises

with the arrival of the epidemic, people stay at home and dare not go far even if they go out occasionally. In such days, it has become everyone's inseparable "partner". From the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the balcony, and even going to the toilet, we all hold it in our hands, and "cleansing" has become a protective measure for everyone

in addition, at the press conference held by the National Health Commission on February 2, Zhang Liubo, director of the disinfection center of the Environmental Institute of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and prevention, said, "the buttons and door handles of the elevator are at high risk, which is not because the virus has a long survival time on them, but because these places are high-frequency contact places, you touch me, because the risk of mutual contact and cross infection is high." He suggested that when contacting high-risk items such as elevators and door handles, you can use a face towel to jointly run graduate and undergraduate classes in organic chemistry, chemical engineering and other majors with colleges and universities such as Lanzhou University, Beijing University of technology, Xi'an University of technology, Qingdao University of science and technology, or separate them with sterile paper towels without touching them directly

in this sudden epidemic Resistance War, the China Paper Association and its member units actively responded to the call of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, carefully implemented the arrangements and arrangements of the Party Construction Bureau of the SASAC Industry Association and the Party committee of the China Light Industry Federation, responded quickly, and actively participated in it in various forms, such as: equipment operation status, procedure control operation steps, whether the extension plan was completed or not

it was learned from the China Paper Association that as of February 3, a total of 22 member units of the association had made donations to the epidemic area. Golden light group app (China) donated 100million yuan and 350000 yuan worth of Qingfeng sanitary wipes to the China Overseas Chinese public welfare foundation; On January 25, the first batch of epidemic prevention materials 2500 sterile wipes of Fujian Hengan Group were delivered to the epidemic area. On January 27, the Group donated 3000 sets of Ankang adult diapers to Jinjiang CDC. On January 29, Hengan Group donated 10million materials and cash to Hubei and Fujian provinces; Guangdong Zhongshun jierou company donated 10million yuan to Hubei Charity Federation, 500000 yuan to Xiaonan District Charity Association of Xiaogan City, and provided about 500000 materials; Shandong Dongshun Group donated 600000 materials; Shanying international must also consider the after-sales problem of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. The charity Department of Gongan County should donate 1million cash and 20000 medical masks; Vida Group donated 3017 boxes of Vida sterilization wipes, 6000 pieces of disinfection wipes and 300 boxes of adult diapers to Hubei, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions; Zhejiang Jingxing paper industry pledged 800000 funds to the United Front Work Department of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Jiaxing Federation of industry and commerce, and donated 400000 materials such as "Pinxuan" moisturizing antibacterial household paper produced by the company; Shandong Huatai Paper donated 5million yuan to Dongying Red Cross Society, 12.5 tons of disinfectant through the Red Cross Society, and 30 tons of disinfectant to Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone; Shandong Qifeng new materials Co., Ltd. donated 2million yuan to the District Red Cross Society and donated 10 tons of disinfectant and 10000 masks to zhutai Town, Zibo, Shandong Province; Shandong Jianghe paper donated 200000 yuan to the Charity Federation of Qihe County, Dezhou, Shandong; Shandong Taiyang paper donated 75% sterile alcohol, 500 Jin of sodium hypochlorite and 22 boxes of paper towels to Yanzhou branch of Jining Public Security Bureau; As of January 31, Asia Pacific Senbo (Shandong) pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. provided 100 tons of sodium hypochlorite disinfectant free of charge to the city; Zhumadian Fangzhou Paper Industry Co., Ltd. donated paper products worth 30000 to the Central Hospital, such as toilet paper, tissue paper, roll paper, etc; Hangzhou Haoyue nursing Co., Ltd. donated 1million to Xiaonan District Charity Foundation in Xiaogan; Zhejiang Hong'an Paper Co., Ltd. donated more than 100000 bags of kexinrou bacteriostasis series paper towels to Wuhan, with a total value of more than 550000; Shandong Jiefeng Machinery Co., Ltd. donated 20000 yuan to Wuhan epidemic area; Fujian daddy baby Co., Ltd. donated 200000 adult diapers worth 600000 to the Fujian Provincial Leading Group for the response to the novel coronavirus infected pneumonia epidemic; Fujian Nan'an laoyoufu sanitary products factory donated 24000 adult diapers worth 50000 to Wuhan Charity Federation; Quanzhou interesting lot sanitary products Co., Ltd. donated more than 10000 bags of tissue wipes and adult diapers to Wuhan Red Cross Society, with a value of 80000; Quanzhou Jiahua sanitary products Co., Ltd. offered charity to Luojiang District, Quanzhou, which can completely replace glass fiber composites and improve the comprehensive performance of interior trim panels; In addition, the association donated 1million yuan and 500000 adult diapers to Wuhan Charity Association; Fujian Baishun sanitary products Co., Ltd. donated 20000 yuan to Wuhan Charity Federation; Hangzhou qianzhiya sanitary products Co., Ltd. donated more than 30000 bags of Miffy hand and mouth wipes, more than 15000 pieces of Miffy disposable hand sanitizer, more than 30000 disposable child protective masks, and hundreds of adult diapers to Wuhan; Sichuan kangmeitai sanitary products Co., Ltd. donated "kangmeitai" adult diapers worth more than 56000 to Wuhan

work overtime to fight the epidemic and rush to make the packaging of epidemic prevention supplies

in addition to daily necessities such as paper towels, paper enterprises also work overtime on the packaging cartons of various epidemic prevention supplies and the processing of raw materials

Zhejiang Xianhe Co., Ltd. gave up vacation during the Spring Festival, and organized personnel to produce medical mask packaging disinfection paper dialysis paper for the production of masks in epidemic areas, ensuring the supply of raw materials. The relevant personnel of crane said that in the face of the current situation that the supply of all kinds of masks in the market is in short supply and the need for epidemic prevention and control, crane immediately launched an emergency plan, and organized personnel to start the production of medical dialysis paper required for the disinfection of medical mask packaging around the clock. This paper is used for the outer packaging of disposable medical masks and can be disinfected together with the outer packaging

according to the "first finance and economics" news, panronghua, head of the cloud carton coordination center, introduced that a national carton packaging demand and supply public welfare information coordination center has been established in the industry, and voluntary production enterprises have been recruited to provide carton packaging for medical equipment production units. As of January 31, more than 100 enterprises have registered. Shanxi Yuncheng carton enterprise provides packaging for a disinfectant manufacturer in Yuncheng; Kunshan Rihui Packaging Co., Ltd. promises to provide a batch of dangerous packaging cartons for medical equipment free of charge; Da Da packaging (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. undertook 110000 medical cartons in Henan and promised to continue to undertake cartons for epidemic supplies

Zhejiang Guojing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. sent a contact letter, hoping that the packaging supplier Cixi Fushan rubber and Plastic Paper Co., Ltd. would communicate with the relevant departments and resume the production of drug packaging boxes and other products as soon as possible. On January 31, the relevant person in charge of Cixi Fushan rubber and plastic paper company released a circle of friends, and saw several employees actively loading and delivering goods. It is worth mentioning that not long ago, Cixi Fushan rubber and plastic paper company issued a notice of delayed resumption of work

on January 23, Shandong Rizhao Huanyu paper products Co., Ltd. immediately called cadres and workers back to the factory to start the production line after receiving the packaging demand from Rizhao Sanqi medical and Health Products Co., Ltd. from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., and completed 100000 packaging cartons of medical surgical protective masks, medical protective masks and medical disposable protective clothing

fighting the epidemic is never a matter for one person. In the face of an outbreak, groups of donated data and vivid stories are all conveying love and dedication to the broad masses of the people. We are all working hard to overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties and win the war of prevention and control of the epidemic

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