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The paper industry informatization remote access solution

industry demand

the paper industry is an important industry closely related to the national economy and the construction of social civilization. How to strengthen internal management decision-making, improve production efficiency, strengthen the control of product quality, minimize costs and expand the market are the key factors that determine the overall competitiveness of enterprises

papermaking enterprises generally have a strong awareness of informatization. Papermaking enterprises with a certain scale have basically implemented enterprise resource planning system (ERP) and process automation control system (DCS) in the workshop, and the production of the workshop has been highly automated. However, how to optimize the production according to the customer's order requirements, how to face the problems that the produced products do not meet the current user's requirements, how to print the paper roll bar code according to the requirements of international standards, how to improve the production efficiency of rewinder and paper cutter, how to transfer the effective production data in the car room to ERP system in time, and how to arrange warehouse management and transportation more effectively, It still haunts the managers of enterprises

remote access is the key to solve the problem

due to the particularity of the paper industry, enterprises need to track and control the whole process of production and sales, from the initial order management of paper rolls to various manufacturing, transformation, analysis and value-added processes until the packaging of paper rolls leaves the paper factory, and need a set of efficient and continuous production processes. The whole process monitoring of the production process determines the production efficiency and the quality of finished products. At present, the information management systems used by paper enterprises are generally subdivided into financial management system, human resource management system, production automation control system, equipment management system, standardization management system, quality management system, measurement system, economic analysis system, etc., and the deployment, maintenance and upgrading of so many information management systems are quite complicated The 4th high performance film exhibition opened at Youming International Exhibition Center in Tokyo, Japan

therefore, the paper industry needs a solution to realize centralized management and real-time monitoring of production process, help enterprises systematically sort out logistics, capital flow and information flow, and enable enterprises to create the best economic benefits with the minimum investment

value of communication CTBS solution

communication CTBS platform solution can easily solve the above problems, help group enterprises achieve large-scale centralized management, reduce total cost of ownership, and maximize the value of information management system

the deployment process of communicating CTBS is very simple and humanized. Paper enterprises only need to set up a CTBS server in the machine room of the management center, publish all the application systems that need to be shared on the CTBS server, and remote users can access them remotely through the web. The data information generated in the production process can also be summarized to the server in real time. This data management mode of real-time summary of information enables enterprise managers to master important information, understand the real-time situation of each link, and make correct decisions in the first time, avoiding the waste of funds and losses caused by information islands. The most important thing is that the branches of the enterprise away from the field or the staff on business trips can also achieve remote access to the relevant application systems of the headquarters

the network bandwidth required by CTBS only accounts for about 20K. Regardless of the network environment, it can easily and quickly connect related applications. Specifically, communicating with CTBS can bring the following values to users:

◆ rapid deployment, rapid implementation, and simplified installation, configuration, and debugging. Using the CTBS platform scheme, you only need to deploy and maintain on the central CTBS server, and there is no need to install any client on the remote user's client, which greatly shortens the entire implementation cycle

◆ staff who access remote and business trips anytime and anywhere can access the application system of the server by using any equipment, operating system and connection mode

◆ efficient use of network bandwidth CTBS only occupies about 20K bandwidth per user in normal application status. Users can use any network connection method to achieve satisfactory speed without the high cost of dedicated line connection

the adoption of a platform like CTBS simplifies the IT architecture, greatly reduces the workload of maintenance and deployment, and significantly reduces the total cost of ownership of it. According to statistics, the cost can be saved by 30% and 50% within two years. With the extension of time, the proportion of enterprises in which 85.61% of the respondents are engaged in recycling/bio based materials will be higher

◆ protect the original investment

make full use of existing equipment and connection methods, and extend the life cycle of networks and computer hardware

◆ centralized system deployment and management

the system administrator can control the process, resources, status, etc. of the whole system at a single point, and deploy and supervise the normal work of all links through effective control tools

◆ high security performance

ctbs itself provides encrypted transmission. In addition, it integrates VPN function, which can provide a higher level of security. Moreover, the connection is very stable. Even if it is disconnected, the information of the disconnection point will be set and retained. After the next connection is successful, it will return to the disconnection point directly, which will not affect the data operation

practice has proved that the communication CTBS platform can simplify the management process of paper enterprises, manage the enterprises in a large centralized way, monitor every link from production to sales in real time, control costs, track quality, improve efficiency, avoid risks, and is the function of centralized management and cursor following display of paper enterprises; The best solution for the whole process monitoring is relative to the substantial growth plan in 2012

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