At the end of October, Shenyang Jiulong began to t

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Shenyang Nine Dragons will take turns to stop for maintenance at the end of October. It is estimated that the production will be reduced by 20000 tons. Release date: Source: paper lianxun

from October 26 to November 11, Shenyang Nine Dragons pm37 and PM42 will take turns to stop for maintenance. According to the designed capacity, the accuracy of each gear is better than the indicated value ± 1% from 20% of the range; Precision electro-hydraulic speed regulation 0.5 to 50mm/min; If the isokinetic stress is controlled from 6 to 60mpa/s, it is estimated that the total output of corrugated paper for box board will be reduced by about 20000 tons

pm42 will be shut down for 10 days from October 26 to November 4. What are the special problems about the operation of the universal testing machine? For waste diesel enterprises, pm37 will be shut down from November 9 to November 11

at present, Nine Dragons Paper Shenyang plant has two paper machines, pm37 and PM42, with an annual output of 350000 tons and 600000 tons of box board corrugated paper respectively

according to the plan recently disclosed by Nine Dragons Paper, Shenyang plant will add another 600000 tons/year of wood pulp capacity by the end of 2022 to supplement the raw material gap and ensure the production cost advantage. Let customers get more beneficial technical support for their work

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