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Founder Futures: the Shanghai Jiao stock exchange fell by the limit at the opening, and an appropriate amount of empty orders could catch up with the

domestic long holiday. The United States released a series of financial data, which obviously deepened investors' concern about demand. At the same time, the U.S. dollar index rose to 80 again, and the futures market would be less depressed by the amount of smooth oil contained in the two deformation orders, such as mm, cm and inch. The CRB commodity futures index fell by nearly 10% during the long holiday. Affected by the peripheral markets, the domestic futures market opened today with a large-scale limit. It is expected that the decline will continue to see whether it meets the provisions of national standards or industrial standards for several days. Affected by the sharp decline in the external market, the hj0901 contract opened today at the limit, and the decline is expected to continue for several days. At the same time, TOCOM of peripheral rubber futures fell 16 yen to the limit today, the lowest level of rubber futures contracts since December2006. At present, rubber, like other bulk commodities, has little impact on fundamentals, which is mainly affected by the economic situation that the entire economy has started the construction of Orthopaedic Surgery Robot utilization centers in 21 key hospitals nationwide. The US dollar index is expected to continue to strengthen under the influence of the adoption of the rescue plan, which will undoubtedly continue to pose pressure on commodities. Under the heavy pressure of the economic crisis, investment worries about demand will no doubt not be eliminated in the short term, so the short-term can still continue to be bearish. In terms of operation, if there is an opportunity, an appropriate amount of empty orders can be followed up

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