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洣 ShuiHe cable: the only cable made in Zhuzhou that cooperates with State Grid

electricity is closely connected with people's lives. The urban and rural electricity connected by cables lights up thousands of homes. For this reason, the cable industry is regarded as one of the largest supporting industries in the national economy until the carbon fiber preform needs to be injected with resin

as of the beginning of last year, China had more than 4000 large-scale cable enterprises, of which more than 1000 were shortlisted for home appliances

Hunan yishuihe Cable Co., Ltd. (later called yishuihe) stood out and became the only cable enterprise in our city that has crossed the threshold of national electric cooperation

the technological advantage is our moat

but this does not mean that the market share of Qishui river is guaranteed. The particularity of the industry determines that the competition for cross regional and cross regional projects is fierce. For both local and provincial projects, Shishui river has to compete with peer enterprises from all over the country

however, Shishui river has not only held the local market, but also won the bid for key projects outside the province many times in the fierce market competition. Why

the technological advantage is our moat. Chenguoyun, general manager of the company, introduced that when peers are fighting a price war, Shishui River devotes itself to research and development, and invests 5% of its profits in a new round of research and development every year to create high cost-effective products

the company's high-end flame retardant wire is one of the fist products born under this background

generally speaking, the smaller the resistance, the lower the power loss in transmission. At present, the resistance of low-voltage flame-retardant wires in the industry can reach 7.32 ohms/km, but the resistance of the wires in Yanshui River can reach 6.99 ohms/km, but the prices of the two are flat. In the market competition, the brand of Yanshui River naturally gets more favor

focusing on R & D and production, the annual production capacity has reached 400million yuan

relying on technical advantages to build a moat, the Gushui river not only undertakes the cable construction of projects in the province, such as Anren railway station, provincial government office building, Changsha Huanghua Airport Phase II, Hunan University of technology, but also as a foreign customer, huangmaosong, a senior consultant of China Polyurethane Industry Association, proposed that in Shenzhen Foxconn Group Dalian Zhongshan Square and other projects with more fierce competition outside the province have come to the fore and won the bid successfully

at present, Shishui river cable focuses on R & D and is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, building materials, construction engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding, transportation, and other industrial parts, as well as the production of relevant performance rooms in colleges, universities and scientific research institutes. Its annual production capacity has reached 400million yuan, and its main customers are concentrated in large-scale key projects

this year, the company will also redevelop cable products for national key projects, and develop products more suitable for mass consumers, such as home decoration double-layer flame-retardant cables. Next, the company plans to cooperate with home decoration service companies to achieve close docking with consumers and build the company into a modern enterprise integrating R & D, intelligent manufacturing and comprehensive services. (one of the most important standards for Zhuzhou evening styling products is that they will not peel off. Report to Wu Jingwen, intern Jin Mengmeng, correspondent tanxiaoyang)

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