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The only way to transform into an industrial power the State Council recently officially released the industrial transformation and upgrading plan (2011-2015). As China's first medium - and long-term industrial plan since the reform and opening up, the plan comprehensively and profoundly expounds the connotation of industrial transformation and upgrading, and puts forward the main objectives of industrial transformation and upgrading in the future, as well as the development orientation and upgrading path of key industries and fields. It is of far-reaching significance for accelerating the transformation of China's industrial development mode and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of industry in the future

at present, China's industry has entered a new stage in which transformation and upgrading must be used to promote sound and rapid development. It can be predicted that in the next five years, China's industrial development environment will undergo profound changes. The long-term accumulation of deep-seated contradictions is becoming increasingly prominent, and the extensive growth model has become unsustainable. Industrial development urgently needs to carry out profound changes, go to a new level, and win new development momentum and direction

The 12th Five Year Plan period is a critical period for building a well-off society in an all-round way and for deepening reform and opening up and accelerating the transformation of the mode of economic development. Industry is the leading force in China's national economy and the main battlefield for transforming the mode of economic development. It is expected that the sales of material science and technology in 2014 will show a rise in the number of units (under the adjustment of foreign exchange and portfolio). Industrial transformation and upgrading is the key to accelerating the transformation of China's economic development mode. It is the fundamental requirement for taking the road of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics. It is also the only way to realize the transformation from a large industrial country to an industrial power

the increasingly complex economic environment at home and abroad has brought many uncertainties to China's industrial development. Geopolitical instability, as well as new changes in world economic growth and market demand, have put forward new thinking and new requirements for the sustainable development of China's industry

the global demand structure is becoming more and more tight, the trade protectionism is on the rise, the competition around the market and resources is becoming more intense, the global issues such as energy and resources and climate change are complex, and the uncertainty of the world economy is still large. These factors will form new pressure on China's industrial development and transformation and upgrading

today's world has entered the era of networking and informatization. The rapid change of scientific and technological innovation and the vigorous development of emerging industries urge the development of industry to speed up and keep up with the pace of the times. If we do not respond properly and delay the opportunity, the gap between China and developed countries in the field of new technologies and emerging industries may be further widened, and the social and economic development will also miss the best historical development opportunity

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the basic conditions and long-term positive trend of China's industrial development have not changed, but the traditional development model can enhance scientific and technological innovation and face many challenges in industrial progress. Therefore, industrial transformation and upgrading is imperative. In the coming period, the process of domestic urbanization and the upgrading of residents' consumption structure will provide broad space for industrial transformation and upgrading. However, at the same time, the prices of labor, land, fuel and power have continued to rise, and the cost pressure of production factors has increased, which has also added many constraints to the transformation and upgrading. Industries such as polyethylene and polypropylene will also enter a difficult period with the release of China's coal to olefin capacity and the United States' shale gas to olefin capacity

with the acceleration of China's resource-saving and environment-friendly society, the further improvement of green development system and mechanism, and the intensive and extensive development of energy and resources consumption, China's industry needs a strategic, overall and systematic transformation process, unswervingly seeking transformation in development and promoting development in transformation

the release of the plan points out a new direction for the development of China's industry. With the objectives and tasks of the plan and the policy support of relevant national departments, the transformation and upgrading is expected to be promoted, which will help promote China's economic and social development into a benign track. Looking forward to the future, we must actively create favorable conditions for China's economic development, strive to solve outstanding contradictions and problems, and promote the overall optimization and upgrading of the industrial structure. Only in this way can we finally promote the transformation from traditional industry to a new type of industrialization and realize the real prosperity and strength of the country

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