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Quality marketing is the only way for dealers to develop

quality marketing is the only way for dealers to develop

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service can be called secondary marketing for brands. In addition to continuously bringing high-quality products to the Chinese market, tapai has deeply realized the importance of service to brand building in the development of the Chinese market. While becoming a leader in the industry with its own advantages in scientific and technological innovation, tapai has raised its adherence to quality to a new height and focused more on service, We are committed to becoming the most reliable benchmark brand for users with practical actions

in order to carry out quality marketing to the end, tapai has put forward four service modes, namely, "Trinity featured service", "call center service", "private customized exclusive service" and "consultant marketing", based on the traditional service concept, so that partners can enjoy high-quality, all-round and deep-seated considerate services

Trinity: comprehensive service of the compound special team

based on the actual situation of the Chinese market, tapai innovated and launched the "Trinity" service mode, configured special service teams integrating sales, customer service and market for different regions, supervised each other and served together. Through modern full-featured service platforms such as one-to-one customer service system, on-site maintenance and market supervision, it provides partners with high-quality service experience and oil guidance

tapai has established a complete logistics base and market service network in China, and service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Xi'an, Jinan, Chongqing, Harbin and other regions. Every year, the service team will take each service center as the starting point, go deep into the hinterland of the market, conduct in-depth research on regional oil habits, learn from product use feedback and user needs, and provide users with practical and effective professional oil services

under the unique "Trinity" service mode of tapai, the market, sales and customer service work together to reasonably control the demand of the whole market life cycle of the product, so as to achieve a more convenient and organized service experience

call center: providing exclusive services for partners

in this era of customer-oriented services, tapai has been inspired by the traditional call center operation mode, and has launched a "call center" service concept with resource integration, efficient implementation, after-sales tracking and technical support as the core, which has won praise from partners

among them, resource integration refers to that customer service personnel establish big data files for partners, ensure smooth communication, master partner needs in real time, fully integrate various resources and provide centralized services for partners; Efficient implementation means that the best solution can be quickly delivered to the partners through the instant messaging system, but it can help the partners solve difficult product problems in time when it is applied; After sales tracking refers to understanding the partners' evaluation of products and services through freight tracking, use effect tracking, service satisfaction tracking, etc., with a view to continuously improving product quality and service methods; Technical support refers to the technical guidance and instant Q & A provided by the expert service team for partners

through the call center service, taipuai always maintains smooth communication with partners, anticipates partner needs, provides effective suggestions, and constantly adjusts the matching ability of personalized options to meet needs, so as to give full play to the best benefits of multi-channel communication in a more convenient and efficient manner and provide customers with comprehensive lubrication solutions

private Customization: a unique service experience

with the development of diversified and personalized social needs, tapai follows the trend of the times and introduces private customized services to the Chinese lubricant market. It adapts to local conditions, takes advantage of the situation, and customizes the best lubrication and promotion scheme according to the actual needs of partners, so as to maximize the brand value

based on the actual situation of partners, tapai's private customized services include: providing targeted technical guidance according to different working conditions; Formulate corresponding promotion strategies according to different market conditions; Provide feasible lubrication scheme according to vehicle operation conditions; Customized products according to different needs of partners can be seen from table 1

with the market segmentation, only brands with strong technical resources can realize the private customization of oil products and promotion schemes. For tapai, private customization is not only a kind of service, but also a kind of customer exclusive. It is a brand soft that can not be copied and can cope with the fluctuation of raw material prices

consultative marketing: it is to explore the value of products with partners from the perspective of purchase.

consultative marketing is a value-added service mode that provides professional advice from the perspective of specialty and from the interests of partners. It is to enable partners to make correct choices about products or services

through consultative marketing, tapai understands its partners and market needs at the first time, and converts their needs into personalized and exclusive service plans in a timely manner. At the same time, it assists partners in analyzing the problems and competition they face in operation, and jointly excavates the market potential with partners

based on the needs of partners, customized service products are implemented by professional teams, which is the key to improving core competitiveness in the context of increasingly fierce competition in the lubricant industry. Taipuai consulting marketing will greatly solve the lack of professional ability of partners and the dilemma of product selection, which will help stabilize the market, develop potential customers, and build a modern marketing system for end consumers with partners


quality has accounted for more than 50% of the company's product sales. Service is a bottle of lubricant, moistening the relationship between partners and tapai; Quality service is a centripetal force that closely unites partners and tapai; Quality service is a booster, and the trust of partners promotes the continuous development of tapai. Through the four new service models, taipuai has passed on the value concept of quality marketing as the center and service first...

quality marketing is the wisdom crystallization of the combination of taipuai's "more focused on quality" value and advanced marketing concept. It is the persistent pursuit of quality that tapai keeps up with the pace of the times, innovates the service mode, carries out the quality service to the end, always maintains the vitality in the highly competitive lubricating oil industry, and continues to achieve new development

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