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The opening of the highest standard international maker's festival in Hong Kong helped promote the cooperation and development between Hong Kong and the mainland. China Internet development foundation and Hong Kong Qixin foundation signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation

"201 e.g. 5 the first Hong Kong International maker's festival" opened at the Asia Expo in Hong Kong on December 3. This makers' Festival is an international innovation and entrepreneurship themed event with the highest specification, the largest scale and the largest number of participating institutions and individuals held in Hong Kong. It is expected to attract more than 200000 people

at the opening ceremony, liangzhenying, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Zhuang rongwen, deputy director of the national Internet Information Office, and other guests attended and addressed the ceremony. The China Internet development foundation and the Hong Kong Qixin foundation signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation. Nine major maker bases, including the Beijing Hong Kong Co innovation base, the Shenzhen Hong Kong Co innovation base, the Shanghai Hong Kong Co innovation base, and the new third board acceleration base, held a licensing ceremony

liangzhenying said in his speech that entrepreneurship and innovation play an extremely important role in promoting social and economic development. Encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation has become a world trend. Entrepreneurship in the mainland 9. The battery charging voltage of the handheld spectrometer is 220V. The innovation of switching electricity has also become a new engine to promote national economic development. Hong Kong Information and communication enterprises are encouraged to learn more about national policies and actively participate in the mainland market, so as to seize the opportunities brought about by the development of the mainland's interconnected economy

Zhuang rongwen said that the digital economy and the real economy promote each other and develop in a coordinated way. New business types, new models and new subversions are emerging. The utility of Internet to promote economic transformation, upgrading and sustainable development is becoming more and more obvious. If the digital economy has passed the test, the value of this instrument must be a commanding height for future economic development. The holding of the makers' Festival is an important result of cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong in the Internet field, and also an important international platform for the exchange of entrepreneurial and innovation experience. The success of the maker's festival will play an important role in creating Hong Kong's innovation ecosystem, prospering the digital economy, forming a new economic growth point, promoting Hong Kong's prosperity and development, and benefiting the people of Hong Kong

this maker's festival is jointly sponsored by China Internet development foundation, Hong Kong Information Technology Federation, Internet Professional Association and baichuanhui. The theme is "love here, create here". 20 activities will be arranged during the 3-day session. It includes the main forum of "the world changes because of you" digital economy summit, the selection of "top ten international young makers", the skyline 100 maker market, etc. The makers' festival attracted well-known foreign enterprises such as Martin flight jet package company and Canadian sun ark company. Leaders from well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, qihoo360, China Unicom and Henderson Zhaoye will also participate in various forums of the maker Festival

a number of innovative products made their debut at the maker's festival, including the high-altitude floating cloud platform "yunduan", the first commercial aircraft in near space in China, the "Iron Man" flight jet bag, which was selected by time magazine as one of the world's top 50 inventions, the sun ark, which provides transportation solutions for remote areas, and the new aircraft U-1

according to qinchanggui, chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the maker's festival, the maker's festival is held to respond to the national call for "mass entrepreneurship and innovation". It is planned to build the maker's festival into an annual international and high-level innovation and entrepreneurship event in Hong Kong, continuously expand its influence and help Hong Kong and the mainland with economic transformation and youth development. In the future, the Preparatory Committee of the maker festival will continue to organize various forms of maker themed activities in Hong Kong. Taking Hong Kong as a platform, which fully considers the relevant standards of modern industrial design and ergonomics in both modeling and painting, the Preparatory Committee will conduct in-depth cooperation with maker bases in mainland cities, carry out exchange visits and co creation activities, widely absorb domestic and foreign entrepreneurship and innovation resources, and build a long-term exchange and cooperation platform for entrepreneurs and investors

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