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In recent years, because of its simple, beautiful, convenient, practical and other advantages, flip caps have been favored by packaging container manufacturers and are widely used in the packaging of food, drugs, daily chemical products and other products. There are many shapes and materials for flip caps, whether square, round, metal or plastic. The opening force of flip caps is the most concerned problem of manufacturers and users. If the opening force is too large, users will not only feel difficult to open, but also the opening process will even affect the deformation of packaging containers; If the opening force is too small, it is easy to leak, and there is no sense of security for the user. Labthink Languang XLW (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine can test the opening force of flip caps with different shapes and materials, and help the manufacturers of flip caps adjust and control the production process

l low voltage electrical appliance factory abthink Languang XLW (PC) intelligent to avoid deformation caused by the compression and bending of the swing rod. The electronic tensile testing machine has a number of independent testing functions, such as tensile strength, maximum breaking force, elongation at break, tear strength, heat sealing strength and peel strength. Although it will have a certain impact on the sample, the constant tensile stress, elastic modulus and so on, it professionally tests the opening force of the flip cap, as well as plastic film sheet, ointment tube, self-adhesive The performance process detection of piercing force, opening force, low-speed unwinding force, pulling out force, etc. of composite cover, rubber, paper and other products has the following characteristics:

microcomputer control, LCD data display, results, curve

menu interface, PVC operation panel, the test speed can be set and adjusted, and one key selection of

constant extension stress, elastic modulus Stress strain and other test functions

the extra long stroke of 1200mm meets the test requirements of materials with large deformation rate

500n and 50N sensors are optional, and the performance is even better than the large test range of foreign products, which fully meets the needs of the industry and has ultra-high 0.5 precision

personalized fixtures can be customized for different users

limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, power-off memory, rapid sensor replacement

statistical analysis and processing of single and group test results, and various reporting modes

xlw (PC) intelligent electronic tensile testing machine is a professional instrument independently developed and produced by Labthink Languang. With excellent options, reliable operation and timely and considerate after-sales service, it stands out from many similar products and has become a high-end product with high market recognition. It is one of the necessary laboratory instruments for production and users in the packaging industry. For more information about testing equipment in the packaging industry, please log in or call us. Jinan Languang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is willing to share its exquisite packaging quality testing and control technology with customers all over the world

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