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On June 28, 2013, the opening ceremony of Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. Nanjing Office was held in Westin Nanjing Hotel. On the day of the opening ceremony, Beifu also held the 2013 German Beifu technology automation technology exchange (Nanjing Station) in the hotel. Many Beifu customer representatives attended the exchange and actively asked questions and spoke at the exchange. The atmosphere was warm

customer representatives of Beifu such as Guodian Nari Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing Panda Group Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony on the same day. Zhangsong, sales director of Beifu China, maxingkai, sales manager of Beifu China in East China and manager of wind power business department, chenyongyin, sales manager of Beifu China in Nanjing, Pengjie, manager of Beifu China marketing department, and relevant staff of Beifu China headquarters also attended the ceremony. It is required that the packaging materials must be degradable and recyclable

the official opening of Beifu Nanjing Office will provide a better service for Beifu customers and partners in Nanjing and even the surrounding areas. Do you know how many parts the friction and wear tester consists of? What tasks are each part engaged in? Perfect and efficient service and technical support platform. So that more and more customers in Jiangsu can recognize, understand, use, and finally like and recognize the advanced control concepts and products of Beifu, so that more and more customers can enjoy the achievements and benefits brought by scientific and technological innovation

on the day of the celebration ceremony, for example, the 2013 China Beifu technology automation technology exchange (Nanjing Station) was also held in Germany. Chen, Beifu China Nanjing regional sales manager, operated Yongyin, chengguanglin, technical support engineer of Beifu China Nanjing Office, Li Lingxiao, product manager of Beifu China Wang Tao, manager of Beifu China photovoltaic/solar energy industry, successively brought wonderful technical reports to the audience who came to the exchange meeting. At the exchange meeting, the participants spoke enthusiastically and interacted frequently, and conducted in-depth and warm exchanges on hot topics such as motion control technology, robotics, and scientific and technological automation

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