The opening of the most popular humer Jiading plan

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The opening of mahumer Jiading plant is further rooted in China

the opening of mahumer Jiading plant is further rooted in China

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Guide: rooted in China and win-win future, mahumer has established a new Chinese headquarters, R & D center, manufacturing plant and after-sales market warehouse in Jiading, Shanghai. The opening of Jiading plant has made mahumer a big step towards becoming one of the strongest automobile suppliers in China, Manifesting manhumer's commitment to the Chinese market

rooted in China, win-win future -

manhumer has set up a new China headquarters, R & D center, manufacturing plant and after-sales market warehouse in Jiading, Shanghai. The opening of Jiading plant has made manhumer a big step towards becoming one of the strongest auto suppliers in China, demonstrating manhumer's commitment to the Chinese market. This multi-functional Jiading plant will help mahumer become a one-stop filtration solution supplier, strengthen the company's pre-sales, after-sales and logistics services, and develop high-quality localized products for Chinese customers

On may27,2010, Shanghai - manhumel, an international automotive and industrial filter development partner and supplier, announced today that its Jiading plant, covering an area of 60000 square meters and with an investment of 40million euros (about 365million yuan), was officially opened and put into use today. Jiading plant integrates a manufacturing plant covering an area of 38000 square meters, a fully resourced R & D center and a special after-sales market warehouse. Mahumer's China regional headquarters is also located in Jiading plant

the new Jiading site, which integrates production, engineering, sales, logistics and after-sales market warehouse, will produce synergy benefits and provide higher quality services for customers in China and Asia. Jiading R & D center will have the ability to provide local customers with product design, development, simulation, testing and some advanced process development

Mr. Patrick Cudmore, vice president of mahumer group and CEO of Asia Pacific region, said: "The establishment of Jiading factory further reflects manhumer's emphasis on China and the Asia Pacific market, and makes manhumer a big step towards becoming one of the strongest auto suppliers in China, because we can serve customers closer and meet their requirements. Obviously, the integrated multi-functional advanced factory makes manhumer more capable of meeting customers' needs in the future."

group photo of mahumer's management representatives

Jiading plant broke ground in December2008 and was completed as scheduled in January2010 under the challenging environment of the global economy. Manhumer also plans to increase the land area of Jiading plant by 30000 square meters from 2012 to 2013 for the second stage of development

Jiading plant is manhumel's largest and most technologically advanced production plant in the world. It produces a full range of filter products, ranging from spin on filters to very complex and expensive products (such as intake manifold equipped with fuel high-pressure common rail technology)

the products produced by Jiading factory include air filtration system, air filter element, oil and fuel filter, air conditioning filter, intake manifold system, crankcase ventilation system, coolant storage, etc. Manhumer's products for China's after-sales market are all man brand filter series. Manpai filter dolly for bone tissue repair is one of the most powerful filter brands in the world, and the products have reached the supporting quality of the host

Jiading plant will mainly meet the fast-growing needs of mahumer's Chinese customers, and a small number of products will be exported to mahumer's other overseas branches

Jiading factory well reflects manhumer's consistent purpose of expanding business with the awareness of environmental protection, and emphasizes its mission of "creating a clean world with passion". Jiading factory was originally a farmland, but now it is an advanced green factory. The plant adopts geothermal technology, which can extract natural, clean and sustainable energy from the underground to regulate the temperature of the plant, thus reducing the emission of harmful carbon dioxide and energy consumption. The geothermal system of Jiading plant has 280 pipes, which can extract geothermal energy from 75 meters underground. In addition, mahumer Jiading plant has taken other environmental protection measures, such as strict noise reduction measures; The waste water produced in the metal treatment process shall be 100% recycled

patr many enterprises dare not accept orders. Mr. ick Cudmore said: "an important prerequisite for our future success is to invest in the development of local talents. We have very excellent employees, and we will do our best to help them exert their full potential on the stage of manhumer."

manhumer entered the Chinese market in 1996. In the past 14 years, mahumer has established four companies in Chinese Mainland, including three production plants in Changchun, Jinan and Shanghai. In 2009, mahumer China business achieved double-digit growth. Judging from the performance in the first quarter of this year, mahumer's business growth will be similar to that of last year

about manhumer group

manhumer group is committed to developing and providing original supporting equipment for the international automotive industry and construction machinery industry. At present, mahumer group has 11800 employees in 41 regions around the world, and its turnover reached 1.67 billion euros in 2009. In the automotive industry, mahumer's products include multi-functional plastic air filtration system, which requires a series of energy transmission measurement data system, intake manifold system, liquid filtration system, air conditioning filter and cylinder head cover, as well as filter elements for vehicle after-sales service and maintenance. In the fields of general engineering, processing engineering and industrial manufacturing, mahumer's product range includes industrial filters, a series of products that can reduce carbon emissions from diesel engines, membrane filters for water treatment, filtration systems, and material treatment systems and equipment

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