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The opening of product oil import right still needs to cross multiple barriers

the "stable oil source" cannot be obtained. It is always necessary to strengthen the protection and maintenance of cold and hot shock test box equipment; It is an important bottleneck hindering the development of private oil enterprises, In late June, the Ministry of Commerce issued the implementation opinions of the Ministry of Commerce on encouraging and causing impact to guide private capital to enter the field of trade circulation (hereinafter referred to as the Implementation Opinions) We expect private enterprises to become large companies after mergers and acquisitions, and support private oil enterprises to obtain stable oil sources in various forms, so that many private wholesalers of refined oil see the hope of realizing independent import of refined oil

the seemingly mysterious right to import refined oil. Some private enterprises have received approval documents. However, the approval documents do not mean that they can import a large amount of refined oil. Because the quota given by the state to remove the experimental power after the specified holding time is not high, most private oil enterprises still need to rely on the traditional central enterprise import channel of "two barrels of oil"

2011, the foreign trade department of the Ministry of Commerce approved 40 companies to import finished oil (fuel oil)

a private oil company selling gasoline and diesel engine liquefied gas in a southwest province is one of them. The company was originally a Sichuan Branch of PetroChina, which was later classified as a local state-owned company. After enterprise restructuring in 2002, it became a joint-stock private enterprise

"the application time for the whole product oil import right is not long. It took more than half a year from preparation to submission of the application, and the import right was obtained only one month after submission of the application." A person in charge of the company, Mr. Shen, told China business news

the internal management of a number of oil product wholesale enterprises introduced to them that private enterprises want to obtain the right to import oil products. In addition to submitting the relevant application reasons, the specific plans for foreign procurement and domestic production and sales of oil products to the Ministry of Commerce, they also need to obtain the customs Certificate - the enterprise has not committed smuggling and violations in the past three years, and has obtained the certificate from the local tax department that there is no tax evasion and tax evasion

in addition, private enterprises should also submit documents issued by banks to the competent commercial departments to prove their high-level reputation (Class A), and materials issued by the foreign exchange administration departments without records of foreign exchange evasion and arbitrage

Mr. Ye, a person in charge of an enterprise engaged in refined oil trade in Shanghai, said that in order to obtain the right to import refined oil, there still need to be some hard indicators. "According to the regulations, enterprises should have at least 10000 tons of product oil water transport terminals, product oil pipeline transportation, special railway lines and other unloading facilities, as well as an oil depot of 50000 tons or more. The ownership and use right of the terminals, pipeline transportation and oil depots should be centralized in the hands of one enterprise. This indicator is not easy to achieve. Therefore, even if there are many product oil wholesale enterprises in China, not many of them can meet the application qualification."

according to the statistics of Zhuo Chuang information, there are currently 71 state-owned enterprises and 130 private enterprises with product oil wholesale qualification in China

"however, according to national regulations, we can only apply for the import of fuel oil within 50000 tons each time, which is much less than the company's demand for fuel oil of hundreds of thousands of tons." Mr. Shen also has other concerns, "80% of the company's fuel oil is still imported through the trading companies subordinate to PetroChina, and the other 20% is from other small refineries and a small amount of imports. This operation can improve the frequency of use, and the enterprise still has risks."

he has two concerns: first, because the import of fuel oil is controlled by others, it is difficult for the buyer to lower the price when purchasing fuel oil. If the price of fuel oil (raw materials used for gasoline and diesel processing) rises sharply, and the downstream gasoline and diesel sales price can not transmit the cost of price rise, the enterprise will still have the possibility of loss; Second, due to the limited import of fuel oil, the quality of gasoline and diesel and the income of enterprises will also be affected

Mr. Ye and Liufeng, an analyst of zhuochuang information, also told this newspaper that if the international crude oil price drops rapidly and China accelerates the price adjustment frequency of refined oil, it may not be a good thing for private enterprises to import a large amount of refined oil

however, if the import qualification and quota of domestic gasoline, diesel and other refined oil products can be liberalized, it will still be beneficial for China to obtain more and cheaper refined oil resources

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