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Military packaging system engineering: the only way to go (Part I)

first, the choice for the sustainable development of military packaging

military packaging is an important measure to ensure the high reliability and long life of equipment and the basis for the scientific management of military materials; Especially for modern equipment, it is a necessary condition and an important technical means for weapons and equipment to enter combat use and transform into combat power that has reached the international advanced level. After more than ten years of efforts, the packaging work of our army has made great progress, and the military packaging has achieved rapid development and remarkable achievements. However, as far as military packaging as a whole is concerned, it does not meet the requirements of logistics support with the military strategic policy for the new period determined by the CMC, and there is still a big gap compared with the military packaging of foreign developed countries. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the military packaging is not matched with the design and production of military equipment, and the transportation of equipment is poor. The packaging damage caused by poor packaging is relatively serious. Second, in the packaging design, we often only pay attention to the safety requirements for the transportation and handling of applicable materials: metal, non-metal and parts, while ignoring the requirements for the maintenance, management and operational use of the army. The problem of secondary packaging in the army is very prominent. Third, in terms of the degree of logistics integration, the "rapid support", "accompanying support" and "comprehensive support" cannot be smoothly implemented

the main reason for the above problems is that our military packaging design and production still remain in the old view and nostalgia mode. The traditional method is to consider the packaging problem after the equipment development is completed; At the same time, the factors considered in the design of packaging equipment are relatively simple, and most of the applied technologies are not very complex. In the early stage of the equipment, the packaging problem was not paid much attention to, and it was regarded as a kind of subordinate work, resulting in the above-mentioned congenital deficiencies when the weapons and equipment were put into use

the equipment technology of our army is becoming more and more complex, facing the problem that how to adapt the packaging equipment to the needs of modern equipment. The general outline for equipment packaging, loading, unloading, storage and transportation (gjb1181) issued in 1991 is to formulate a unified standard on the basis of summarizing the development experience of the first generation of packaging equipment in our army. Its purpose is to introduce system engineering management into the development of packaging equipment in our army, that is, to change the traditional concepts and modes, adopt new ideas and new working methods, and fundamentally solve the deep-seated problems existing in military packaging, Ensure the sustainable development of military packaging

II. Objectives and requirements of military packaging system engineering

system engineering, as an organization and management technology, studies and deals with various problems and relations inside and outside the system from an overall point of view, so as to achieve the optimization of engineering design, production and use. It is a method of universal significance. This method just meets the needs of today's military packaging equipment development. The goal of implementing military packaging system engineering is to adopt the theory and method of system engineering to strengthen the demonstration of packaging development and implement life-cycle management; Unify the protection, guarantee, economy and convenience of packaging; Adhere to the coordinated development of equipment technology and military packaging; Save funds and enhance benefits; Further improve the capability of rapid support of military equipment, which means "wonderful competition" in French, and comprehensive support, so as to meet the needs of winning local wars under modern high-tech conditions. The basic requirement of military packaging system engineering is to take the packaging equipment as an integral part of the equipment, and demonstrate, develop and produce it synchronously with the equipment, so as to ensure that the requirements of packaging equipment and equipment are coordinated and optimized comprehensively. For textile products with one or several unique properties of graphene, the packaging, storage and transportation requirements are put forward at the demonstration stage and the packaging protection objectives are determined; Design the packaging equipment at the development stage and identify whether its performance meets the requirements; In the production stage, the production quality of packaging equipment (including software) shall be guaranteed, and the ordering party shall be guaranteed to obtain applicable packaging equipment

this requirement reflects the whole system life cycle view of system engineering management. The so-called whole system view is to "take the packaging equipment as an integral part of the equipment". If equipment is regarded as a system, packaging equipment is the subsystem of this system. This understanding reflects the requirements of modern equipment for packaging, storage and transportation. This is very important for improving the position of packaging equipment in equipment development and overcoming the thought of neglecting packaging, storage and transportation. According to this view, when considering the packaging problem, we should start from the principle of integrity, and comprehensively consider the efficiency, reliability, maintainability, comprehensive logistics support, equipment management and maintenance system, so as to achieve the goal of overall optimization. The so-called whole life point of view is that the development of military packaging equipment runs through the whole process from demonstration to development and production, and is consistent with each stage of equipment development, which changes the traditional practice of packaging, storage and transportation equipment only after the completion of equipment development

III. organization and implementation of military packaging system engineering

the requirements of military packaging system engineering management are realized by establishing and implementing the outline for equipment packaging, loading, unloading, storage and transportation (hereinafter referred to as the outline) during the development of equipment. The specific measures are as follows: the ordering party puts forward military packaging requirements in the "tactical and technical indicators and operational requirements" for equipment development. The manufacturer shall formulate and implement the outline according to the requirements of the ordering party

the contents of military packaging requirements mainly include: a) put forward circulation and delivery requirements according to the operational use process and environmental conditions of weapon systems

b) put forward packaging, storage and transportation requirements according to the management and maintenance system of the army

c) propose packaging, storage and transportation requirements for potentially difficult to transport products (whether segmented packaging and special protection requirements are required)

d) special storage requirements (whether air conditioning, temperature control, isolation, nitrogen filling, desiccant placement, etc. are required)

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