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Schneider Electric: the only way to a new world of energy through digitalization Author: Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric, head of the building business department in China, whether it's thebund at 5 a.m. or Hongqiao at 11 a.m., as long as there is a continuous, stable and punctual Shanghai subway in operation, people can feel at ease. As of march2018, through the superposition and analysis of group experimental curves, Shanghai Metro has 16 urban rail transit lines, 395 stations, and a total length of 673 kilometers of full operation lines, providing safety and convenience for tens of millions of people. However, it is not easy to carry the responsibility for the smooth operation of this international city. The increasing number of stations, the increasing complexity of the system and the large passenger flow put forward higher requirements for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the subway, which also brought greater challenges to the operation and maintenance personnel. Schneider Electric, through a complete solution and efficient service, "suits the remedy to the case", escorts the safe and stable operation of Shanghai Metro, and always accompanies Shanghai Metro through innovation and professionalism

safer, faster and more convenient, which is also the continuous pursuit of modern urbanites. With the acceleration of urbanization, the improvement of modernization level, the stable operation of the whole city and the harmonious coexistence between people and the city, multiple factors are related, and electric power is one of them. It is predicted that the global power consumption will double by 2030. In recent years, the loss caused by global power outages has exceeded 10billion euros per year. At the same time, 25% of fires are caused by electrical fires. It can be seen that a sustainable and stable power supply is crucial to the orderly development of society and people's comfortable life

at the same time, in today's more electrified world, the demand side and supply side of power are also evolving. From centralized supply to distributed energy supply, from excessive power consumption to seeking green power consumption, it has become a common pursuit to achieve obvious economic and social benefits while maintaining the energy service level. Schneider Electric believes that what connects new supply and new demand must be digital solutions, and the era of electrification must also be closely connected with digitalization

use data to heal industry pain

at present, the world is experiencing a data explosion. Is there any difference between the tensile strength and yield strength of the network flow? 2017 has entered the era of zebyte. In the next 10 years, it is expected that 30billion to 50billion intelligent machines will be applied to form a larger physical connection, which will change people's daily life and improve the production efficiency of factories. This transformation and change will also become a key factor to subvert the entire power industry

however, in most cases, the management of infrastructure power systems, including rail transit, data centers, wind farms, etc., is still not optimized or even chaotic. There are many subsystems running in these huge power systems, but the subsystems are isolated from each other, resulting in a serious lack of data availability and effectiveness, resulting in difficulties in troubleshooting after failures, which may lead to enterprises' low efficiency in the design/construction phase and high costs in the operation/maintenance phase

Schneider Electric officially released the new generation ecostruxure architecture and platform in 2017, and enabled the digital transformation of power distribution by virtue of the comprehensive innovation of ecostruxure distribution in the three aspects of interconnection products, edge control, application, analysis and service. In 2018, ecostruxure power was comprehensively upgraded to create a new intelligent power distribution solution based on IOT with innovative connection, innovative architecture and innovative scenarios, to help users fully tap the value of data, so as to reduce power outage time by more than half, improve the efficiency of the whole plant by more than a quarter, save energy consumption by nearly a third, and improve customer satisfaction by nearly a third

it can be seen that in the past, the power distribution in various types of infrastructure was purely mechanical, and users could not master the health status of the system. Now, through ecostruxure power and digital technology, the visualization of the entire power distribution system can be truly realized. Through the accurate collection and professional analysis of massive data, problems can be found earlier and risks can be predicted in time, so that problems can be solved faster and management and control can be better realized, Constantly optimize the energy consumption of various buildings and take preventive measures

firm digital transformation creates a new model of intelligent power distribution

with the intensification of the global energy crisis and the increasing demand for electricity, it is a challenge to build a safe and reliable power system, ensure a sustainable and stable power supply, and achieve greater energy conservation and efficiency for large and key power places, small and medium-sized places, and decentralized places. At the same time, in the 13th five year plan for power development, it is proposed to build an "interconnection +" power operation mode, improve the interactive power consumption service system through the integration of "interconnection +" and the power industry, and on the other hand, apply big data, cloud computing, IOT and mobile interconnection technologies to improve the carrying capacity and business application level of the information platform, and improve the information processing and intelligent decision-making level of the power system

it can be seen that digitalization has become an effective way to meet the needs of enterprises in the new era. Digitalization is also one of the development strategies Schneider Electric has always adhered to. Schneider Electric's development in self-contained intelligent power distribution has gone through a process from scratch and from small to large, from R & D, product innovation, system improvement, ecosystem construction and other dimensions. Under the main theme of digitalization, as a market leader, Schneider Electric has been constantly exploring, so that more customers can gradually see the advantages of digitalization

from the perspective of ecostruxure power's three-tier architecture, this year Schneider Electric incorporated more intelligent products, more professional control software and digital consulting services in terms of hardware, software and data, so as to accelerate innovation, achieve comprehensive coverage of equipment connection, system architecture and application scenarios, and greatly enhance the ability of the overall solution for intelligent power distribution, The whole life cycle from capital expenditure to operating expenditure creates greater value for customers

at the same time, Schneider Electric also attaches great importance to helping customers improve the efficiency of the whole project life cycle, which mainly includes two stages, namely capex (capital expenditure) and OPEX (operating expenditure). According to the current situation, the expenditure in the later operation and maintenance stage will generally reach times that in the earlier investment stage. At present, either a wind farm or a data center will have a service life of about several decades. In such a long operation cycle, the demand for human, material and financial investment in operation and maintenance is huge within the range of millions of euros. In addition, there are many infrastructures operating in 7/24 hours, which is bound to increase the burden on the distribution system. Therefore, to strengthen the system stability, reduce the failure rate and even eliminate the risk have become the expectations of more users. Schneider Electric attaches great importance to the OPEX market. This year, Schneider Electric has successively released a series of expert consultant applications incorporating machine learning, intelligent algorithms, cloud and other cutting-edge technologies, such as facility advisor, power advisor, etc., to accelerate the integration of it and OT, make full use of the monitoring of the operation status of power equipment and distribution system, obtain real-time status information, and collect data Digital simulation of system structure, expert level analysis, report generation and suggestions for improvement, rapid problem solving, and improvement of active operation and maintenance capacity and efficiency to ensure the safety and reliability of distribution system

accelerate the improvement of ecosystem construction and promote the sustainable development of the whole industry chain

in addition to its strong self-worth, the efficient deployment of ecostruxure power also benefits from the active cooperation between Schneider Electric and the ecosystem parties in the intelligent distribution field, including system integrators, panel factories, distributors, service companies, end users, etc. At present, Schneider Electric has implemented the partner certification program in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, covering intelligent power distribution system, intelligent building control system, power management, intelligent lighting control, generic cabling and other systems, aiming to closely connect the world's leading complete plants, technology providers and end users, improve technology and service capabilities, and provide more perfect intelligent power distribution solutions through a deeper understanding of user needs, Finally, differentiated service advantages will be formed

in China, many panel factories and system service providers have been officially authorized by Schneider Electric intelligent distribution, and a large number of registered ecoxpert intelligent distribution engineers have obtained personal certificates. With the comprehensive upgrading of the plan in 2018, more enterprises will get the full support of Schneider Electric in technology, business and marketing, so as to jointly promote the establishment of intelligent distribution digital ecosystem

there are many successful cases due to cooperation. In today's intelligent development in the distribution field, it is also inseparable from the joint efforts of all parties in the whole industry chain to achieve greater significance and drive the development of the whole industry. At the upcoming 17th China International Electric Power Exhibition, Schneider Electric will comprehensively display the digital software and hardware products covering interconnection products, edge control, analysis, application and service layers in the ecostruxure power architecture based on IOT, as well as the applications and practices in the fields of transportation, new energy and data center, so that more users can experience the great value of digitalization. In this new world of energy, Schneider Electric is willing to join hands with more partners to inherit the tide of digital technology and explore the future of intelligent power distribution

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