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The new "middle class" is the main consumer group in the home market, with the characteristics of youth, high education and pursuit of quality life

the new "middle class" is the main consumer group in the home market, with the characteristics of youth, high education and pursuit of quality life. The new middle class with these characteristics has developed "quality consumption" into the mainstream consumption concept, affecting the development of the whole industry

"herd consumption" to "personalized consumption"

the rise of the new middle class, the obvious change is that consumers' self-awareness has become stronger, consumer psychology has changed from "herd consumption" to "personalized consumption", and their consumption needs and preferences are very clear

therefore, the customized consumption mode is gradually moving towards the mainstream, and consumers customize services according to their house type, family members' needs and personalized preferences

safety and environmental protection become the basic requirements

the need for safety is the first pursuit after people's physiological needs are met, and consumers' pursuit of safety is a basic and urgent pursuit

the quality of the home environment directly affects the physical and mental health of consumers. With the rise of the new middle class, consumers pay more attention to environmental protection when purchasing home products and decoration raw materials

the reference value of the brand is greater than the price

for the new middle class, the brand factor is one of the main factors considered by consumers in the new era, and the price is also considered by consumers, but it is not the main factor of concern

convenient consumption methods will be more mainstream

consumers often need to consider many complex problems in the process of home decoration, such as furniture, household appliances, bathroom, kitchen, floor, etc. in the past, consumers mainly chose decoration companies to solve the corresponding problems

but with the rise of the new middle class, one-stop consumption will become more mainstream. Because it can provide one-stop service mode of design, product, installation and maintenance, which is more in line with the new middle class's psychology of pursuing convenient and efficient consumption

rely on Internet consumption

the new middle class mainly relies on mobile phones and computers and Internet search when obtaining information. In recent years, the development of major Internet sales platforms has also subverted the traditional marketing model. For the new middle class, especially the post-80s and post-90s, the proportion of online shopping is far greater than that of physical stores, and they are highly dependent on the Internet when consuming. However, due to the particularity of the home decoration industry, it is difficult for consumers to rely on the Internet alone to achieve consumption. Therefore, the combination of online drainage and offline experience may become the mainstream consumption mode of the home industry in the future

the consumption tendency of the new middle-class consumer groups has led the household industry to develop in the direction of personalized customization, environmental protection and safety, brand building, one-stop consumption, online and offline integration, forming a new consumption trend, requiring enterprises to actively innovate consumption patterns and ignite consumption enthusiasm

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the development of China's sheet metal industry is always moving towards perfect system standards and reasonable models. The previous consumption concept of only seeking low prices but not quality has been gradually eliminated in the development of society, and the view of paying attention to quality, safety and use experience has prevailed. Enterprises also need the requirements of this era to be based on the trend of this era


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