How to design a good desk

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Every study needs a desk. When designing a desk, you should design it according to your own use needs, so that the desk can become more beautiful and practical. Now, let's share with you the complete set of desk renderings and how to design a desk well

complete picture of desk effect 1: This is a relatively common desk with simple and generous shape and solemn color. It has no special bright spots, but there will be no deficiencies, so it is loved by many consumers. This desk gives people a relaxed atmosphere. The yellow paint gives people a warm feeling under the light

the second book of desk renderings: you can make use of the corners of your home and plan it, and it will become a learning corner. This desk is designed perfectly, which is in line with the line of this space. The shelf on the wall has a strong storage function, making full use of the space beside the table legs, which can store some sundries

book of desk renderings 3: if you don't like complex design, you can design the desk against the wall and use partitions to design it into a desk. Choose the appropriate height, and the color is unified and coordinated with the room, giving people a simple and clean feeling. A simple and generous desk is finished in this way

desk effect picture Daquan 4: if the house is small, you can design a desk at the corner, which makes full use of the indoor space and increases the storage function, so that the whole home looks clean and tidy

book of desk renderings 5: if you don't like the L-shaped desk design, you can design it into a straight line. This desk looks simple and generous, with reasonable color matching, and is coordinated with the style of the whole room. Such a desk design will not take up too much space, as long as a small place

complete picture of desk effect 6: this desk has no creative design, but tatami is designed under the desk, so it can be used as a desk, and you can also chat, drink tea, rest, etc. here. The functions are very complete. If you like, you can design your desk like this

the design of this desk is very simple. Only two boards are used, but it can also be used normally. This desk is casual and natural. You can put some books, decorations, potted plants, etc. on it, which can also reflect her simple beauty

complete picture of desk effect 8: this desk has scalability function, which is used by many families. It can be used as a dining table, which can be put down when needed. It doesn't need to be put away and doesn't take up space. This desk looks very fashionable and personalized, and I'm sure many people will like it

summary: the above is about the collection of desk renderings and how to design a desk. You can refer to the above content and choose a desk you like according to your home decoration style and preferences to make your study more tasteful





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