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In the past 20 years of reform and opening up, China's economic system has gradually changed from a planned economy to a market economy, and the market has gradually changed from a seller's market to a buyer's market. In the face of the buyer's market, a small number of enterprises have turned pressure into a driving force, reformed the system, innovated technology and innovated products, and won the initiative in the fierce market competition. However, more enterprises have not changed their ideas, followed the old path, and failed to meet the needs of the market economy, resulting in the abnormal phenomenon of "not more than three years, but not more than five years". The reasons are various. Marketing is the main reason. The author talks about his own opinions through the observation of many enterprises

I. Problems in current enterprise marketing

first, the marketing concept of enterprises has not changed. In the era of deep-rooted planned economy, some state-owned enterprises still follow the traditional production concept, product concept and marketing concept to the buyer's market. However, in the current market economy period, due to the oversupply of goods, the buyer's market has the problem of "difficult business"; There are also some enterprises that have no way to deal with the buyer's market and blindly promote their products along with the crowd. The result is either a large backlog of product inventory, or a sharp increase in accounts receivable and difficulties in capital turnover. As a result, most enterprises fall into a state of shutdown or semi shutdown

second, the absence of senior marketing management has led to the failure of other departments other than the marketing department to give full play to their marketing functions. At present, the top management of most enterprises pay more attention to marketing work. However, this "attention" is obviously local, uncertain and non process, not systematic, comprehensive and in place, resulting in the absence of top management. The absence of top management has brought a lot of harm. First, the marketing advantages of other departments are not fully utilized. Each department and individual of the enterprise has its own marketing function, but when the senior management is absent, only the marketing department plays a role. In this case, its overall marketing function will be greatly reduced. Secondly, the decision-making is slow, and many problems affecting the efficient implementation of sales cannot be solved in a timely and effective manner. As a result, the decision-making time problem cannot be decided in a timely manner, which will have a negative impact on the marketing performance of the enterprise, and even dampen the enthusiasm of business personnel. Finally, marketing lacks direction. The top management decides the marketing direction of the enterprise. When it is absent, it will inevitably lead to the blind command of the marketing department

third, many enterprises have no marketing strategy. An enterprise without strategy is like a plane flying in a dangerous climate. It always bumps in the airflow and walks through the storm. Finally, it is likely to lose its way. Even if the plane doesn't crash, it is also in danger of running out of fuel. Now, many Chinese enterprises, like this aircraft, need strategy too much. At present, most Chinese enterprises just plan for the current period and muddle along. When they started, they never imagined the future, resulting in blind operation of enterprises

fourth, the ability to develop new markets is not good. For example, as far as the development of China's rural market is concerned, enterprises are the protagonists, and their market behavior is completely regulated and guided by the market mechanism. Most enterprises only focus on rural consumption demand and ignore the development of rural investment demand. Enterprises should not only consider making farmers' money, but also consider how to drive farmers to become rich, so that farmers can develop and cultivate their own market while recognizing the benefits of industrialization, Get your own return on investment. Market development is an important part of the bottom-up development of enterprises, and many enterprises can not reasonably develop and start their own available new markets just because they are in one or another misunderstanding

fifth, the function of marketing network is neglected. A marketing expert once said, "the market, in the final analysis, is' Network + brand '- sales network plus brand influence." Collaterals are like blood vessels of the human body. They rely on powerful sales to complete the circulation of funds and support the growth of the enterprise. Any part of the disease may damage the body of the enterprise and even the life of the enterprise. In today's fierce market competition, most of China's enterprises have not worked hard in the market. They only focus on product production and sell products without plan and goal. In this way, they not only waste marketing resources, but also fail to achieve good marketing performance. In addition, there are many problems in the current market positioning and promotion methods of enterprises

II. Countermeasures to solve problems plastic materials are used for canopy covering, mulching, pipes, packaging and other uses.

first, establish a scientific and practical marketing organization framework, establish the overall marketing concept of the enterprise, and enable all departments and employees of the enterprise to work closely together to achieve ideal business performance

modern marketing emphasizes the overall offensive and defensive ability. At present, the business personnel of many enterprises are not really organized, so it is difficult to effectively carry out market development and management. This is just like the two armies competing to seize territory. One of the armies is poorly managed and can not be organized. If there is no decent offensive or if they seize the territory but are unable to defend it, such an army will surely lose. It can be seen that high-level marketing management plays a vital role in marketing. Therefore, an enterprise should establish a sales organization system, market information management system, objectives and plan management system according to the needs of market development, define the sales management level and its responsibilities, work standards and work processes through a perfect sales management system, organize the target market and market objectives, sales managers and salespeople, dealers and market information in the best way, and give full play to the overall offensive and defensive capabilities of the enterprise, Occupy the market to the maximum extent and achieve the best marketing objectives

second, establish a dialectical buyer's market view

the buyer's market not only brings great pressure to enterprises and fierce market competition, but also brings good opportunities for "enterprise production and operation". In terms of the purchase of means of production and production factors, the pressure of the buyer's market is only imposed on the seller of goods, while the production enterprise as the buyer not only has no pressure, but is a great opportunity, because the pressure of the buyer's market mainly comes from the position of the product sales enterprise as the buyer in the purchase, so it can fully enjoy the preferences and preferences of the buyer's market. In the procurement of mechanical and electrical equipment and raw materials, enterprises can fully "shop around" to select, not only focusing on quality, but also pressing prices. Moreover, the market gap brought by the buyer's market provides hope for enterprises to break through the ground. Only by using high-quality and low-cost materials, machinery and equipment to produce high-quality products, and gradually adapting to the buyer's market, can we seize the opportunities brought by the buyer's and seller's market and strive for survival and development in the market competition

third, establish the famous brand strategy

today's world has entered the era of brand competition. It has become a "stepping stone" for enterprises to enter the market. This is because consumers have gradually deepened their understanding of new products and are more demanding in choosing products, which intensifies the market competition among enterprises. Therefore, enterprises must work hard to improve product quality and better meet the needs of consumers. Economic experts assert that from the end of this century, the competition in China's commodity market will be mainly manifested in the competition between famous brands. However, at present, some enterprises have not realized the importance of brand strategy. As long as they see what others produce, they will produce what they own. Without their own characteristics, let alone their own brands, how can enterprises create their own brands? In view of this problem, the author puts forward the following suggestions. On the one hand, we should formulate famous brand strategy; According to their own specific conditions, enterprises establish goal planning and feasible implementation steps in different stages. On the other hand, take quality innovation as the foundation of famous brand products and the life of enterprises. To create a famous brand, an enterprise should make great efforts in quality management and should not blindly pursue "high grade" and "high price". World famous brands symbolize high quality, such as "Honda" in Japan, "Coca Cola" and "McDonald's" in the United States. Moreover, one of the main contents of today's market competition is scientific and technological competition. In this regard, through technological innovation, enterprises should widely adopt new technologies, new processes and new materials, constantly improve product design, develop new products, speed up the pace of technological transformation, absorb advanced technologies and make innovations. In this way, the enterprise's products can be in the forefront of the market. Panda Electronics Group, which is famous both at home and abroad, has occupied a huge market share by insisting on opening the way with science and technology

fourth, formulate reasonable and practical marketing policies to give full play to the sales promotion role of business personnel

personnel marketing is the oldest means of human marketing. Personnel promotion is the most direct form of promotion. In addition to the role of commodity sales, today's salesmen can understand and familiarize themselves with customers' demand trends, and timely provide customers with enterprise product introductions and various services required by customers. In addition, business personnel can also take advantage of the convenience of direct contact with the market and consumers to conduct market research and intelligence work, so as to provide a basis for senior management to make decisions. It can be seen that business personnel play an important role in marketing. A marketing master in the book once said that there is no product that cannot be sold, only the salesman who cannot sell the product. It can be seen that excellent salesmen can sell any product. How can we cultivate excellent salesmen? The basic motivation is an important reason why business personnel choose the hard and arduous work of marketing. At present, many domestic enterprises attempt to achieve the purpose of playing the role of business personnel through moral and ideological education. This practice is understandable, but the enterprise must understand that when the interests are not a problem, the salesperson does not care about the interests. Matsushita Yukiko once believed that the capitalist countries were able to prosper mainly because of the principle of interests. It is just the so-called interests that lead to recklessness. Therefore, enterprises should formulate corresponding marketing policies according to their own reality to mobilize the enthusiasm of business personnel

fifth, establish a scientific and efficient marketing network

marketing network can promote commodity circulation. With the in-depth development of market economy and the enhancement of enterprise marketing awareness, marketing network has also been endowed with an important function of marketing promotion. Enterprises should change the traditional concept that networks are only sales channels and realize the importance of networks to enterprises today. To establish its own marketing network, first of all, enterprises should segment the market according to the needs of consumers, which can be based on geography, population, etc. Then, the enterprise determines the segmentation variables according to the characteristics of the market, the objectives of the enterprise and the specific situation of marketing resources. Finally, we should mobilize our own marketing resources, allocate them to sub markets, strengthen the contact of each sub market, and form an efficient network. Enterprises can even build their own marketing network first, and then build the work. (end)

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