Standard III for pressure sensitive adhesive label

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Standard for pressure sensitive adhesive label paper (III)

6 inspection rules

products can only leave the factory after passing the inspection by the quality inspection department. The inspection is divided into delivery inspection and type inspection

6.1 delivery inspection

6.1.1 delivery inspection items

a. appearance, thickness, dimensional limit deviation, skewness and joint

b.180 peel strength (before aging)

c. stickiness (before aging)

d. initial viscosity

e. isolation

6.1.2 sampling rules for delivery inspection shall be carried out according to the methods specified in GB 450

6.2 coarse type inspection of pigment particles

6.2.1 type inspection items are all technical requirements specified in the standard

6.2.2 type test shall be conducted in case of any of the following conditions

a. process change may affect product performance

b. when the change of main raw materials may affect the product performance

c. in normal production, every three months or when the technical quality supervision department requires inspection

d. when the national quality supervision institution puts forward the requirements for type inspection

6.3 judgment rules

when the appearance and various indicators meet the corresponding provisions in Table 5, the batch of products are of corresponding grade. If one performance does not conform to the corresponding regulations, it is allowed to double the sampling for re inspection of the item. If the micro extrusion tube still does not conform to the corresponding regulations, the batch of products will be degraded or become unqualified

6.4 the user has the right to accept the product quality according to the understanding of the control system of the testing machine in this standard

in case of any dispute between the supplier and the demander, it shall be arbitrated by the specified quality supervision organization

7 marking, packaging, transportation and storage

7.1 the two sides of the outer packaging box of the product shall be marked with anti humidity and handle with care as specified in GB 191, and the obvious parts on the side of the box shall be printed or pasted with the marks of variety, specification, grade, production date and manufacturer

7.2 the pressure-sensitive adhesive label paper is internally packed with plastic film or plastic coated paper, and generally the corrugated box is used as the external packaging, with the product certificate attached to the box. The cartons are bound with plastic packing tape. Special packing form and packing requirements can be specified in the supply contract

7.3 pressure sensitive adhesive label paper shall be protected from sun and rain during transportation. Prevent crushing. No throwing is allowed during loading and unloading

7.4 pressure sensitive adhesive label paper shall be stored in a warehouse with -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity below 80% and no volatile solvent. During storage, attention shall be paid to sun protection and moisture resistance, and the height of code stack shall not exceed 2.5m. The product shall be valid for no less than 2 years from the date of production. Products beyond the expiry date can still be used after passing the inspection


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