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Dancing with the economic cycle, Sany's performance recovery technique

dances with the economic cycle. Sany's performance recovery technique

China Construction Machinery Information

since the second half of 2016, the recovery of construction machinery has continued to this day. With the help of this wave of "market", Sany not only set a record of "zero inventory", but also returned to the rising channel in terms of benefits. Recently, the 2017 performance forecast released by Sany Heavy Industry shows that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2017 is expected to be 2.03 billion yuan to 2.11 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 898% to 937%. It is estimated that the annual net profit attributable to the parent company after deduction of non-profit is 1.76 billion yuan to 1.86 billion yuan

production workshop

"in the past downward cycle, Sany learned to grasp the 'cycle'." Recently, lianglinhe, a director of Sany group, said that China's economy had been growing at a high rate before. Sany group had no concept of economic cycle and always wanted to grow. But now, after understanding and learning to use the cycle, many problems have been solved. It is also under this cyclical effect that Sany Heavy Industry took the lead in obtaining this report card in the industry by combining cost control and risk control

strictly control the cost

there is a little story in Sany. During the production process of the machine, the machine needs to be painted, but after spraying, the newly painted machine needs to be covered with articles. Previously, Sany Heavy Industry used pure cotton cloth or kraft paper as bedding, and the cost of a business unit was as high as several million yuan every year. However, in 2012, the employees thought of turning bedding materials into newspapers, "without affecting any product quality, the cost of this item was reduced to 100000 yuan." Chen Jing, director of the president's office of Sany Heavy Industry, gives such an example. This is also the first large-scale cost reduction project since Sany started the cost reduction strategy. It is also one of the "three board axes" that Sany has been carrying out throughout the downward cycle. This is a case of Sany Heavy Industry seeking to master economic laws

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"we track the service life of mechanical products. Maybe they will exit the market in five years. Once they exit, even if the economic aggregate does not grow, there will be new orders. Especially when the economy recovers, the products will be more in short supply." Lianglinhe explained that the recovery of the market is the recovery of market confidence. In addition, the expansion of the industry cycle and application fields, such as the upgrading of excavators, has reduced the number of manpower. After learning to understand the economic cycle, Sany predicted that the industry would gradually recover in 2016 and prepare for the production in the coming year

Sany equipment

this prediction was verified in 2017. According to the data provided by China Construction Machinery Association, in 2017, the sales volume of domestic excavators was 140302 units, a year-on-year increase of 99.5%, and the sales volume of truck cranes was about 20508 units, a year-on-year increase of 119.22%. From the absolute sales volume of excavators and its growth level, the current demand intensity can be comparable with that of the year. In 2017, Sany Heavy Industry sold 31167 sets, a year-on-year increase of 121.7%, which far exceeded the growth rate of the industry. The annual market share reached 22.2% to ensure the consistency between batches of product quality, which is still in a continuous rising period

"at present, Sany Heavy Industry has been alive." Lianglinhe described Sany Heavy Industry in 2017 in this way. However, in terms of capacity utilization, it has not fully recovered to its peak. From the perspective of hardware indicators, if the excavator recovers its hardware capacity, Sany Heavy Industry will need 40000 employees. However, it is difficult to recruit only 4000 people in a few months, and it is difficult to train them all at once. "We have prepared a lot last year, but the annual planned investment of RMB 15.1 billion is still insufficient, and the capacity cannot be fully restored in 2017."

the seesaw of upgrading and innovation

upgrading and innovation is a key word of Sany's strategic expansion. "We will unswervingly do a good job in the main business of construction machinery and will not quit at any time." Lianglinhe pointed out that Sany is also seeking transformation and new economic growth points

The upgrading of Sany roller

products is one of the growth points. "In 2016, we sold about 500 unmanned rollers. By the end of 2017, we had sold more than 1000." Lianglinhe said that in the process of transformation, upgrading is the most important. By adding the elements of interconnection and intelligence to the traditional roller, these products will be upgraded to high-end mechanical products

Sany fire fighting equipment

the other direction is to apply the foundation of the enterprise for more than 30 years to new fields. "For example, the fire protection industry is our newly expanded market." Lianglinhe introduced that there are many high-rise buildings in China, with a maximum of more than 600 meters. The fire protection problem caused by them is a worldwide problem. "We have transformed the traditional pump truck and grafted the engineering machinery into the production of the fire truck, so that the original straight fire truck arm can be bent, which can solve this difficulty. In addition, the 600 meter high building needs at least 30 cubic meters of water per second to pump the water to the top of the high building, but Sany has been able to pump the water to 1000 meters, and can guarantee 45 cubic meters of water per second, which is equivalent to filling a conventional swimming pool in 15 minutes Full, the fire rescue process will not be unable to implement due to lack of water

it is reported that Sany fire truck business has been promoted in 2016, and the sales volume is expected to increase significantly in 2017. In lianglinhe's view, this industry still has a broad prospect. For example, a municipal fire brigade can "contribute" an output value of 300million-1billion yuan. If it can be spread widely, the market scale will continue to be large. The roll pressing points of reverse bending and positive bending are at the same point. "In terms of the expansion of application fields, Sany Heavy Industry is still planning to enter the production of mixer trucks and trucks." Lianglinhe said that the operation of the truck business will be completely different from the business model of other traditional large trucks

industry insiders said that the current competition pattern of the industry has been optimized. In the future, the small excavation market led by new urbanization and new rural construction and the export market led by the "the Belt and Road" will be the two growth poles of the industry development in the future, and the situation that the industry giant is always strong will continue to unfold

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