What the shadow war in Ukraine might say about a p

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What the shadow war in Ukraine might say about a possible Russian invasion | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

There’s a phrase used half in jest by the people in?Ukraine’s security services to describe potential Russian sleeper agents, political agitators and hired guns.

They’re called “canned people.”

Few?are laughing about it today as the embattled eastern European country faces a growing wave of false bomb threats?at metro stations in the capitalThe new infections were believed have been acquired abroad?Kyiv and?at schools across the country, along with?shadowy plots to attack critical infrastructure —?some allegedly involving Russian organized crime gangsThe FDA said it would monitor for any red flags a.

These “canned people” are so called because they’re?allegedlyhealth_sciences?bought and paid for by the Russian intelligence services — primarily the Federal Security Service (FSB) — and then kept on the shelf until they’re neededwith an eye to further reopenin.

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