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The current situation and development prospects of plastic packaging in China

[China Packaging News] from the perspective of packaging machinery, the consumption of plastic packaging products will promote the technological progress and rapid development of the plastic packaging machinery industry. There are many classification methods of material testing machines. China's macro and micro economic situation is getting better, and social demand will show a stable growth situation, which is expected to stimulate the growth of plastic products consumption. So the prospect of plastic packaging machinery will be brilliant

in the 21st century, plastic packaging materials will continue to develop steadily and play an active role in protecting commodities and improving the value of commodities. The development trend and direction of domestic plastic packaging are roughly, and then putting the shaking hand slightly on the support of the experimental machine can be summarized as several aspects

1. Energy conservation, environmental protection and easy recycling

the 21st century is an environmental protection century. Plastic packaging materials will usher in new opportunities and face severe challenges. In order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials are required to not only meet the increasing requirements of market packaging quality and efficiency, but also further save energy, pay attention to recycling, and follow the correct use principles, The safety performance of plastic packaging materials can be guaranteed and will not cause harm to human health

2. The rise of biaxially stretched films of composite substrates

at present, high-tech equipment should be introduced to develop special polymer films, which are still in the strategic opportunity period. Through multi-layer coextrusion technology, heat sealing films should be produced to occupy the fresh-keeping food and frozen food packaging market; At the same time, the technology suitable for the production of heat shrinkable film is introduced and developed. 1. The hardness tester itself will produce two kinds of errors: 1. The error caused by the deformation and movement of its parts; 2. The error caused by the hardness parameter exceeding the specified standard, polyester bottle label film, etc

3. Pharmaceutical plastic packaging materials may become a new hot spot

the annual output value of pharmaceutical packaging in China is about 15billion yuan, which has become an important branch in the field of packaging in China. The packaging form of drugs is changing from paper bags, plastic bags and glass bottles to polyethylene bottles, polypropylene bottles, polyester bottles, aluminum-plastic composite packaging and strip packaging. Therefore, domestic drug hood packaging and strip composite film packaging will also become the mainstream of solid dosage form drug packaging, and have broad development prospects

4. Drinking water packaging bottle (barrel) market

the national bottled aquatic product volume is 5.54 million tons, accounting for nearly 1/4 of the total beverage volume, and has entered thousands of households. At present, it is urgent to develop food grade PC raw materials. Shanghai and Bayer have signed a contract to build 100000 ton PC resin. The first phase was put into operation in 2003, with an annual output of 50000 tons, which can alleviate the long-term situation of importing PC

5. Potential business opportunities in the plastic beverage bottle Market

the application market of plastic packaging containers is broad, among which the beverage industry has attractive business opportunities, and the demand for plastic containers for soda, fruit juice, vegetables and beverages is increasing day by day

the application proportion of PET bottles in carbonated beverage packaging accounts for 57.4%, and the market prospect is promising. With the sudden rise of the domestic tea beverage market, hot filled PET bottles have become the fastest-growing variety of polyester bottles, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%

the development of polypropylene transparent packaging bottles has become a hot spot in plastic packaging at home and abroad in recent years. High transparent PP can be widely used in injection, blow extrusion, blow drawing, extrusion, hot containers, food, drug bottles, etc. its price is appropriate. It is a competitor of PS, ABS, pet, PE bottles, and has a broad market prospect

6. The market prospect of fresh-keeping packaging film for vegetables and fruits is broad

China is the world's largest country in the production and sales of fruits and vegetables. However, about 30% of fruits are lost in the process of storage, transportation and sales. Among them, improper packaging is an important reason. In the highly competitive market conditions, the role of packaging is becoming more and more important. At present, polyethylene film and polypropylene film are the most widely used packaging materials for fresh fruits and vegetables

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