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Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of the metal hose industry

first, the production cost has risen too fast, the raw materials have generally risen, the labor cost has risen too fast, and the difficulty of employment has become an important factor in the performance of safety belts. The problem of labor shortage is very prominent, and the wages of employees in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas have generally risen. The above two "cost rises too fast" squeeze the profit margin of metal hose enterprises. 4.6 metal handwheel rims and holding handles should be polished and coated with anti rust coating

metal hose is an important connecting component in engineering technology, which is composed of corrugated flexible pipe, sleeve and joint. As compensation elements, sealing elements, connecting elements and shock-absorbing elements in various gas transmission and infusion pipeline systems and at this time, the length, temperature, position and angle compensation system of the discharge port in the middle and upper position, it is applied to aerospace, petrochemical, mining electronics, machinery and shipbuilding, medical and health care, light textile electronics, energy construction and other fields. The latest national specification for metal hoses is general technical conditions for corrugated metal hoses (gb/t), which has been implemented since October 1st, 2011

(I) the current situation of the metal hose industry

first, the production cost has risen too fast, the raw materials have generally risen, the labor cost has risen too fast, the problems of labor difficulty and labor shortage are very prominent, and the wages of employees in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other coastal areas have generally increased. The above two "cost rises too fast" squeeze the profit space of metal hose enterprises

second, the burden of metal hose enterprises is still heavy, and the charges of enterprises are still too high, and illegal charges still exist. For example, some places use arbitrary charges to alleviate financial difficulties, some departments use their power to collect fees to seek departmental interests, and some grass-roots law enforcement officers collect fees in violation of regulations to seek personal interests

third, since last year, in order to consolidate the achievements of coping with the financial crisis, China has implemented a prudent monetary policy, and has increased the bank deposit reserve ratio for 12 consecutive times. The reduction of credit scale has further increased the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized metal hose enterprises, especially small and micro metal hose enterprises. A large number of small and medium-sized metal hose enterprises have solved their urgent needs through private lending, and the borrowing interest rate has been as high as 50%-100%, Financing costs remain high. In 2010, China's current financial system is difficult to solve the "bottleneck" problem of small metal hose enterprises with few financing channels, small scale and high cost

fourth, most small and medium-sized metal hose enterprises are at the low end of the traditional industrial value chain, with weak technological innovation ability, extensive production and operation, low level of equipment, shortage of professionals, lack of independent intellectual property rights and brands, and mainly rely on "low cost, low price, low profit" to participate in the competition. It is difficult to digest the factors of rising operating costs in time and adapt to the practical requirements of changing the development mode and adjusting and optimizing the economic structure

At the same time,

metal will form oxide film on the surface after reacting with oxygen in the atmosphere. The iron oxide formed on ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, so that the corrosion continues to expand, and finally forms holes. Paint or oxidation resistant metals (such as zinc, nickel and chromium) can be used for electroplating to ensure the surface of carbon steel, but as people know, this protection is only a thin film. If the protective layer is damaged, the steel below begins to rust

the corrosion resistance of stainless steel hose depends on the content of chromium. When the addition of chromium reaches 10.5%, the atmospheric corrosion resistance of steel increases significantly, but when the chromium content is higher, although the corrosion resistance can still be improved, it is not obvious. The reason is that when steel is alloyed with chromium, the type of surface oxide is changed into a surface oxide similar to that formed on pure chromium metal. This tightly adhered chromium rich oxide protects the surface from further oxidation. This kind of oxide layer is extremely thin. Through it, you can see the natural luster of the stainless steel surface, which makes the stainless steel have a unique surface. Moreover, if the surface layer is damaged, the exposed steel surface will react with the atmosphere to repair itself and re form this "passive film" to continue to play a protective role

(II) development prospect of metal hose industry

China is a large country in the production and export of metal hoses. Among them, the vast majority of metal hoses sold worldwide are produced and exported from China, and China has become a major supplier of metal hoses in the world. Although the scale of China's metal hose industry is large, many metal hose manufacturers often lack core competitiveness and are difficult to grow and strengthen due to factors such as weak technological innovation ability, too single market structure, weak brand influence and so on

the sales volume of stainless steel hoses is 14.5 billion yuan, of which threaded stainless steel hoses account for less than 25%, which is not only far from the hose product structure in the international market, but also cannot meet the growing demand for stainless steel hoses in the domestic manufacturing industry

in 2010, the imbalance of metal hose structure is that the produced hose is not in line with the demand. For example, the gap of optical fiber protection hose required by users is large, but the galvanized metal hose is overproduced; There is a big gap in the double button stainless steel hose urgently needed by modern manufacturing industry, but the low-grade single button stainless steel hose is overproduced

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