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The current situation and development suggestions of corrugated board equipment manufacturing in China

from the 1980s, China began to introduce advanced carton equipment from Japan, Italy and Taiwan, and from the United States, Germany, France and other developed countries in the 1990s, then copied and developed step by step, Now it can produce corrugated board production lines with a stroke of 1000 or 1200mm, water-based printing slotting machines, flat pressing die-cutting machines and other equipment with an elongation of more than 1000% of the earlier materials. At present, the development of carton market requires further development of carton equipment with high-grade, high-speed, high-efficiency, wide width and high-tech content. At present, there is still a considerable gap between the domestic corrugated board production line and the international level. It is necessary to continuously improve the design structure, production speed, electrical appliances, steel materials and processing accuracy. It should be possible to catch up with the international advanced level in another 10 years. Its stability, reliability and working efficiency can be comparable with similar foreign products

it is suggested that the manufacturers of carton machinery and equipment should look at the composition of total profits: 1. The corrugated board production line should research and develop high-speed adsorption corrugated rollers, improve the stability of equipment operation, reduce failures, and appropriately limit the manufacturing of single-sided corrugated machines with low technical content, high consumption and low efficiency; 2. In the face of the rapid development of micro corrugated board abroad and the actual needs of our country, carton machinery and equipment manufacturers need to strengthen the development and production of micro corrugated rollers to promote the development of micro corrugated boxes in our country; 3. Equipment and machinery enterprises must adjust the production structure, overcome the "large and complete" production of all equipment, adopt a professional mode, and achieve the business idea of concentrating efforts, striving for excellence, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, continuous innovation and continuous development

source of information: China Light Industry Machinery

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