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The current situation and development prospect of stamping equipment in China

as an important part of industrial basic equipment, forging machine tools shorten the traditional forming time from a few days to a few minutes, and have been widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, transportation, metallurgy and chemical industry and other important industrial departments. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of manufacturing industry led by automobile has greatly promoted the progress of stamping production in China. Domestic large-scale precision and efficient complete sets of equipment, automatic production lines, FMCS, and other high-tech, as well as high value-added stamping equipment are equipping China's manufacturing industry

I. current situation of stamping equipment

in the fields of automobile, aerospace, electronics and household appliances, a large number of metal plate and shell parts are needed, especially in the automotive industry, which requires large-scale production, personalized models and large-scale integration of panels. In the 21st century, China's automobile manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. Facing this situation, China's plate processing technology and corresponding stamping equipment have made considerable progress

1. Heavy machinery press and its covering parts production line, large multi station press

automobile covering parts are the most important sheet metal parts that mark the quality of automobiles, and are typical parts of large stamping parts. At present, there are two main methods for their production: one is to form an automatic flexible stamping production line by combining several large heavy machinery presses with automatic manipulators; Second, the application of large multi station press production

(1) in order to meet the needs of automatic stamping production line, domestic well-known press manufacturing enterprises vigorously developed and produced high-performance single machine in-line presses at the end of the 20th century. Represented by Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai forging and pressing machine tool plant, Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool Plant, etc., they have successively developed j47-1250/2000 closed four point double action deep drawing press, s3p-630 closed four point press, PE4 - HH - 600 - 2Ts four point single action press, PD4 - HH - 800/600 - 2Ts four point double action press, 30000kN closed double point automobile girder press A series of multi link transmission single action presses and large double action deep drawing presses of other specifications. The automatic stamping production line composed of them has large tonnage, large stroke, large table top, large tonnage air cushion, manipulator automatic loading and unloading system, fully automatic mold changing system and fully functional touch screen monitoring system, with fast production speed and high precision. These stand-alone lines have been equipped with many large-scale automatic stamping production lines in the automobile manufacturing industry, such as the first automobile factory and Chongqing Chang'an Automobile Factory, and are expanding to more automobile factories and foreign companies. In August, 2006, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Company provided a 32000kn large-scale stamping production line to samit company in Thailand, which fully met the requirements of rapid, high-precision and efficient production of automobiles

typical configuration and application of this kind of production line: the open single point press is added with roller feeder (or pneumatic feeder) to form a line, which can be used for continuous stamping in single (multiple) processes, with good operability; The open double point press is equipped with multi station feeding device, uncoiling device and leveling device to form a multi station continuous stamping production line. Due to small land occupation and small handling between processes, it is increasingly favored by stamping production; The high-speed press is equipped with cam split feeder, uncoiling and leveling device to form a line and punch special parts, such as motor silicon steel sheet, etc

(2) large multi station press in the field of panel stamping, large multi station press is the most advanced and efficient stamping equipment, and is a typical representative of high automation and high flexibility. It is usually composed of destacker, large press, three coordinate workpiece conveying system and stacking station. The production beat can reach 16 ~ 25 times/min, which is 4 ~ 5 times that of the manual feeding line and 2 ~ 3 times that of the single machine connected automatic production line. It is the most advanced stamping equipment that should be preferred by the world's automobile manufacturing industry. At present, the world has been able to produce 95000kn large-scale multi position press

this kind of machine tool used to be unique to industrialized countries. From the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century, China has also developed and achieved success. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. cooperated with Germany's wangarton company to manufacture two 20000kn large-scale mechanical multi position presses in 1999. At the beginning of 2005, it signed a supply contract with Dana company, the world's largest supplier of auto parts, to provide it with a 50000KN heavy-duty multi position press. The machine adopts many international advanced technologies such as electronic control synchronization, electronic servo three-dimensional feeding, multi connecting rod, full-automatic die change, die protection and fieldbus control. It has a variety of automation functions such as remote diagnosis, remote control and network communication. It is suitable for cold stamping processes such as deep drawing, bending, blanking and forming of sheet metal parts in automobile manufacturing. It is the complete stamping equipment with the largest tonnage, the highest technical content and the highest degree of automation exported by China so far. Due to its strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities and good market performance, Jinan No.2 Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is honored as "one of the world's five major CNC equipment manufacturers" by foreign users. So far, this kind of multi position press has not been widely used in the domestic automobile industry, but the market prospect is very promising

2. CNC punching, shearing and folding machine tools and flexible processing production lines

China's CNC punching (shearing and folding) machine tools began in 1982. After more than 20 years of development, they have reached 4-axis control, increased auxiliary functions, increased module number and two self rotating module positions, and further developed into hydraulic driven 4-axis and 5-axis control. Now there is a network CNC turret punch. The manufacturing enterprises have developed from the earliest Jinan Foundry and Forging Machinery Research Institute to many companies, including Jinan Jiemai numerical control engineering company, Qiqihar second machine tool group company, Jiangsu Yawei company, Jiangsu Yangli group company, Hubei Sanhuan group company and Jiangsu Jinfangyuan company

(1) at present, many users tend to use CNC composite punching and shearing machines (which can form CNC punching and shearing composite flexible processing lines), but the market for single CNC punching machines is still large. The advanced features of CNC punching machine include: special hydraulic system driven by high-performance servo hydraulic; High stamping times (when the step distance is 0.5mm, the frequency is 600 ~ 1000 times/min), and the stamping stability is good; Adopt intelligent clamp to reduce blanking dead zone; Adopt brush type worktable to ensure the surface quality of plates; The moving speed of the workbench is high (axial 80m/min, synthetic 120m/min); There are 2 ~ 4 automatic indexing stations (the large-diameter die is set on it to reduce the inertia of turret die change); 10 experiments are carried out in the same step. The open numerical control system is adopted, with friendly user interface and high scalability, and is equipped with efficient automatic programming software. It is mainly used for the processing of plate punching parts with various sizes and passes. It has a wide market in the processing industry of large electrical control cabinets, and can also be used for the processing of other large quantities of plate punching parts

(2) numerical control punching and shearing compound machine and flexible machining line numerical control punching and shearing compound machine is a combination of numerical control punching and numerical control angle shearing. The punching, forming and shearing of sheet metal can be completed at the last time, which is most suitable for the processing of sheet metal with bending process. Multiple processes share a set of CNC system, hydraulic system and feeding manipulator. Compared with the single line connection of CNC punching and angle shearing machine, it can not only reduce the equipment investment, save the floor area and reduce the failure rate, but also form punching and shearing as a host. Generally, its width is 15mm compound flexible processing line

domestic advanced CNC punching and shearing composite flexible processing line includes: CI flexible processing line manufactured by Jinan Jiemai CNC company, which is composed of ps31250 CNC punching and shearing composite machine, three-dimensional warehouse of plates, suction cup feeder, stacking and sorting device and control system. The nominal force of the composite machine (punching/shearing) is 300/280kn, and the size of processed plates is 1250mm × 5000mm, machine 5-axis control, whole line productivity (steel plate) 8 sheets/h; The APSS flexible processing line manufactured by Jiangsu Jinfangyuan company is composed of a punching and shearing compound machine, a positioning table and an automatic feeding manipulator, with a nominal force of 300KN and a processing plate size of 1250mm × 2500mm。 The above two lines have reached the international advanced level

(3) CNC bending machine CNC sheet metal bending machine generally adopts the digital closed-circuit hydraulic system of bosch/hoerbiger and other companies and the special CNC system of delem, cyberec and other companies; Mature process software, automatic programming function and color screen display can realize the process storage and rotation production of various bending workpieces; Dynamic pressure compensation system, side beam deformation compensation system, thickness and rebound detection and correction system, temperature compensation system are adopted to improve the accuracy of the relative position between the workbench and the slider; The CNC rear positioning mechanism with 4, 6 and 8 axes ensures the accurate feeding of sheet metal; The idle speed of the slider is 100mm/s, and the working speed is 10mm/s; The accuracy of repeated positioning is about ± 0.01mm. It can process various complex box shaped parts with multi specification bending angles. Domestic representative products -- pph35/13 350kn numerical control sheet metal bending machine of Hubei Sanhuan, eb3512 numerical control sheet metal bending machine of Jiangsu Yangli, me50/2550 mechanical electronic servo numerical control sheet metal bending machine of Shanghai punching and shearing machine tool factory, pr6c225 of Jiangsu Jinfangyuan × 3100 2250kN CNC sheet metal bending machine and 2000 ~ 30000kN large CNC sheet metal bending machine of Tianshui forging machine tool plant

(4) on the basis of conventional structural hydraulic press, CNC frame sheet metal stamping hydraulic press integrates many advanced technologies, such as touch (control) color display screen, two-way logic cartridge valve, programmable controller, high sensitivity pressure sensor, micron magnetic grid ruler and stepless control proportional control valve. The machine is equipped with adjustment, pressure free downward and semi-automatic working mode. It is also equipped with a self driving mobile workbench, a large hydraulic charging cylinder, an electro-hydraulic interlocking double safety bolt, a temperature controlled hydraulic oil cooling system, a program-controlled 16 point guide rail lubrication system, a bilateral buffer hydraulic cylinder and an electric synchronous screw range adjustment mechanism. The machine slider can not only implement the constant pressure and range of pressure forming and blanking process, but also the hydraulic pad can be set with subsection pressure regulation in the stroke of deep drawing process. The machine has many functions, such as sheet blanking, bending flanging and deep drawing. Representatives of such machines include rzu500hd frame type fast sheet metal deep drawing hydraulic press of Hefei forging machine tool company and 20Mn color screen frame type hydraulic press of Xuzhou press Co., Ltd

3. Dieless multi-point forming press

multi point forming is an advanced technology that combines flexible forming technology with computer technology. Using the flexible and digital manufacturing characteristics of multi-point forming equipment, it can complete the forming of different surfaces of sheet metal without changing the mold, so as to achieve dieless, rapid and low-cost production. At present, this technology has been widely used in the fields of high-speed train streamlined head production, ship outer panel forming, building inner and outer trim panel forming, medical engineering and so on. The multi-point forming press can be divided into point by point adjustment and rapid adjustment according to the basic body of the punch; According to the form of frame, there are open type, three beam four column type and frame type; According to the processing of plates, there are thick plates and thin plates. At present, the representative products are mainly 2000kN point by point adjustable multi-point forming press, 200kn rapid adjustable multi-point forming press and yam series thin plate multi-point forming press developed by the roll forging Research Institute of Jilin University

4. High speed press

with the development of electronic industry, the demand for small electronic parts is increasing, which promotes the development of high-speed press with high precision and efficiency. At present, Japan has become a leader in high-speed press technology

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