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Counterfeits are rampant in the cable market at the end of July, several shops selling wires and cables in Baotou's large hardware markets closed their doors, but there were people whispering behind the door. What made these shop owners afraid not to do dimensional stability business to make money? At the end of July, several large-scale hardware market shops selling wires and cables in Baotou City closed their doors together, but there were people behind the door who kept whispering. What made these shop owners afraid not to do business and make money? After walking around Donghe Haode market, Qingshan District South market and Kunqu District Nanpai commercial street, shops selling wires and cables were basically closed. I asked other hardware business owners, and learned that they were all closed because they heard that they wanted to check the fake wires. They were afraid of being caught. They were just terrified to investigate and deal with the shopkeepers. As for closing all the doors in unison? Chatting with the owners of the hardware store with questions, the owners told them: I don't know who sent it out for a big investigation. Anyway, most of them are closed. It's not fake. Why are you afraid? Those who close the door sell fake wires. All the electric wire sellers in the street have closed their doors, which means they are all fake. If you think about how terrible it is, no one who sells electric wires dares to open the horizontal tensile testing machine for wind power anchor bolts openly and honestly. During the visit, we also found an interesting phenomenon: most of the closed wire and cable stores had left contact on their faces, but several numbers dialed randomly had been turned off. This phenomenon was not only discovered, but also deeply troubled by Ms. Guo, the hardware shopkeeper. I'm sharing a shop with a man in the wire business. I'm about to pay the rent for the next year. But as soon as he heard that he wanted to make a big investigation, he emptied the goods and left. It's not certain when he will come back now. Seeing that I had paid the rent, I turned off the phone even when I called him. I was so worried. Ms. Guo said. The wire and cable stores in Donghe and Qingshan were closed two weeks ago. Our Nanpai commercial street was closed almost a week ago. At the beginning of closing the door, selling electric wires was like doing a drug trade, which depended on making connections to determine the location. It just disappeared these days. Chinese enterprises need to import 200 billion yuan a year, Ms. Guo said anxiously

manufacturers' ways of counterfeiting

there are many varieties and specifications of wires and cables and other insulating materials in the market. If consumers do not understand them, they will be guaranteed to buy well-known brands. In fact, it is not. According to the informed hardware store owner, most of the brand wires in Baotou are fake goods. At present, most of the wires sold in Baotou market are imported from Hebei. Those small workshops specially forge big brand goods. It seems that they are famous brands, but in fact they are fake. In order to reduce the production cost, these small workshops often resort to the choice of raw material engineers to respond immediately. For example, low-quality copper or even recycled copper is used as the conductor, resulting in high conductor resistance. Some use inferior plastics as raw materials, resulting in unqualified tensile strength of the insulation layer before aging. A hardware shopkeeper surnamed Wang in Nanpai commercial street told me. As the threshold of the wire and cable industry is relatively low, it can be produced with an investment of 350000 yuan, and many small workshops rush into mass action, which leads to serious adulteration by some irregular manufacturers in the production process

the huge profit price difference makes people in Baotou who do wire and cable business openly sell fake goods. Such fake goods have existed in Baotou for many years. Why have they been able to survive? In fact, there are so-called inspections every year. Every year, these shopkeepers pay money to manage things. I don't know what happened this year. They suddenly spent no money, so they told each other that they were closed. The shopkeeper surnamed Wang said. These low-quality wires and TV transmission cables have been mixed into urban and rural households for several years. There has always been a huge hidden danger in the safety of people's living electricity, but consumers have no way because they can't buy real goods in the market

deceptive tactics of unscrupulous merchants. According to insiders, in the Baotou market, it is common to be short of weight in the sales process of Shanzhai wires and cables. Not only does the cable length label contain moisture, but some cables are thick at both ends and thin in the middle. The purchase price difference between a bundle of fake wires and brand wires can reach more than half, which is not enough for unscrupulous sellers. Shortness is also their usual trick. For example, the price of brand wires with 4 flat can reach more than 200 yuan. The purchase price of the 4-level fake electric wire is about 100 yuan, but the purchase price of the 2.5-level fake electric wire is only a few tens of yuan. So do you think it makes money to sell the 2.5-level fake electric wire as the 4-level brand electric wire? The information introduced by the shopkeeper surnamed Wang was frightening. The common problems of these wires are the lack of meters and square, that is, the insufficient number of meters and the insufficient square of wires

during the visit, it was found that the meters marked on these low-cost cables were 95 meters, but after the actual measurement, they were only 6080 meters or even shorter. However, the insufficient square number of the conductor of the wire, that is, the copper core, directly led to the insufficient resistance of the wire conductor, which was very easy to cause a fire after being used in the building. In addition, most of these non-standard lines have problems such as insufficient insulation thickness and unqualified insulation materials, which are also the main factors that are prone to fire after wire aging. In the words of the informed hardware store owner: if checked, these are 100% short of weight. In fact, the vicious competition in the wire and cable industry has a long history. China business daily, published on June 4, 2012, published an article titled "investigation on the chaos in the wire and cable industry", which analyzed the chaos in the wire and cable industry and gave solutions. The article points out that at least 2/3 of the products in the wire and cable industry are unqualified or fake

the unqualified quality of wires and cables is inseparable from the low threshold entry and low-level construction of the industry. In recent years, a large number of wire and cable manufacturers have sprung up. It is understood that at present, there are more than 7000 cable manufacturing enterprises in China. Therefore, the competition among enterprises in the industry is becoming more and more fierce, with excess capacity. Many enterprises have made crooked ideas in order to seek greater interests. The wire and cable market has been in chaos for a long time, and the disclosure of industry insiders is shocking. I hope this so-called big investigation can find out the truth and find out the truth

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