FameView vows to be an outstanding monitoring mode

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FameView vows to be an outstanding monitoring model

select from famevie9 and curve: select stress-strain and force time curves to display and print according to user requirements; Since the birth of W configuration software products, Jiekong technology has been focusing on the modern industrial automation industry for many years, providing professional hardware and software products and technical services. It is the company's development idea that the software and hardware complement each other that makes the FameView configuration software continuously expand and deepen in the industrial application field

Mr. Gong Junli, general manager of Beijing Jiekong Technology Co., Ltd.

fameview's development path of software and hardware integration

"FameView is a configuration software made by people familiar with various PLCs". Mr. Gong Junli said so

as early as 1998, Jiekong mainly represented Siemens PLC products. At that time, there were not many mature configuration software in China. Therefore, Jiekong initiated the idea of developing its own configuration software products. It has been used in its own projects since 2000. In 2002, FameView was put on the market as a product

since its use in 2000, FameView has been applied in nearly 20000 sets, with the largest application reaching 38000 variables. Now, gekong and ABB have fully cooperated to become the core distributor and technical training center of ABB PLC (ac31, AC500, ac010) series, and developed and customized various drivers according to the characteristics of ABB PLC and ABB DCS (ac800m, AC800F), making FameView an integral part of ABB PLC, Through this cooperation, Jiekong has won more development opportunities, experienced successful application in many large projects, and made FameView products more mature

the R & D and improvement of Jiekong products have been pursuing the changes in hardware applications. From the original S5 series of Siemens to the later S7 Series, to the current PLC and DCS products of ABB, FameView has been seeking cooperation and development by virtue of its sensitivity to the PLC market, positioning the company as a provider of overall solutions for the industry, making FameView a configuration software very suitable for PLC applications

industry applications promote the development and improvement of FameView.

fameview has launched version 7.02. Compared with version 6.0, it has made many technical improvements. It can support the rapid communication of 2000 devices and is tested under vista. The configuration interface is more beautiful, and the ease of use and configuration efficiency are greatly improved

all major technical improvements are completed under the guidance of the market. Through the experience of super large projects such as Shenzhen Metro, capital airport and Chengde Steel Plant, the confidence of Jiekong in market expansion has been enhanced. The products have been greatly improved in terms of processing speed, stability and ease of use It is best to equip with high-speed computer. The combination of FameView and industry application highlights the advantages and characteristics of FameView software

2003, during the SARS period, the successful application of Shenzhen Metro project was a dramatic battle for FameView, giving full play to FameView's "picture roaming and large screen display technology". FameView supports the large picture production technology, allowing the definition of picture pixels as *768000 in the production process, which is equivalent to 1million 1024*768 displays. The picture production is carried out through the screen roaming technology. Using the ordinary display with a resolution of only 1024*768, it can produce and test the 9216*2304 large pictures required by the Shenzhen Metro project. At the same time, it solves the problem of the refresh speed of large pictures and ensures timely understanding of the safe operation status of the site, For the successful implementation of Shenzhen Metro project, Jiekong has set up an office in Guangzhou to take charge of the project. The Shenzhen Metro project is not only a great test of FameView products, but also a great test of Jiekong's technical strength. In the words of Mr. Gong, "after we finished the Shenzhen Metro, our software basically passed the test in the application of large projects", which shows the importance of the project

if the Shenzhen Metro project is a milestone, the T3 terminal project of the capital airport is an overall improvement in the performance of FameView products. The project has a huge scale, with more than 3000 PLC and instrument equipment, more than 40000 monitoring and control points, and an extraordinary amount of data processing. The FameView configuration software greatly improves the communication speed through parallel data transmission. The project is still in the commissioning stage, but the follow-up airport project is also gradually following up, which is a major breakthrough

R & D goes deep into the industry to understand the needs of industry users

with the development of the configuration software market, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. The launch of industry customized products and the development of market segments are also the goals of Jiekong. For the environmental protection industry vigorously advocated by the state in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", FameView is widely used in the branch of atmospheric environmental protection. At present, it also plans to launch its own products in sewage monitoring

in terms of product basic function research and development, Mr. Gong is very humorous: "Speaking of software functions, the difference between our domestic software and foreign software is that foreign software may have 10 functions, but each function is easy to use, while domestic software may provide 100 functions, but 90 functions are difficult to use, including our early versions. For a good software, as long as the functions provided must be easy to use, easy to use and efficient. Now we basically do it That's it. "

as the head of technology and R & D of the company, Mr. Gong Junli is a comprehensive technician. He also has his own unique views on the construction and staffing of R & D team from lithium ore raw materials to basic lithium salt and lithium battery materials. From the beginning of Jiekong software development to the present, Mr. Gong has been the core R & D personnel. The company has developed to the current stage, The focus on the technological frontier and the development of core programs are still not abandoned, which is the main reason for the steady development of FameView. The FameView R & D team has a small number of personnel, but the personnel structure is stable, and they are all compound development talents, ensuring the understanding of user needs and the efficiency between R & D

after ten years of experience in the industry market, gemcontrol's FameView has accumulated a lot. Gemcontrol is more confident about its future development in the configuration software market

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