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Second hand housing renovation is the focus of second-hand housing decoration, and comprehensive renovation is to completely deny and demolish the original decoration. The transformation of second-hand houses is divided into four steps: demolition, concealed works construction, foundation works construction, and conventional decoration

I removal: removal of doors and windows, removal of wall and floor tiles, removal of non bearing walls, removal of water circuit heating. The key to the removal of doors and windows is safety, the waterway removal should be closed, and the circuit removal should pay attention to insulation

II. Construction of concealed works: waterproof construction, waterway reconstruction, circuit reconstruction

three basic engineering construction: base treatment of old house wall, house type transformation, removal and replacement of doors and windows, balcony insulation, etc

four conventional decoration: as long as the demolition and concealed works are done in place, the conventional decoration is actually very easy

1. Circuit transformation

the circuit transformation of new houses is to add sockets and lamp caps on the original foundation, while the circuit transformation of second-hand houses generally abolishes the original lines, because the original lines are aging, can not meet the power demand of modern families, and the leakage protection test of the original lines is not in place

redesigning the circuit should not only meet the current power demand of users, but also consider the possibility in the future. The newly designed circuit generally has 4~6 groups of circuits, which should be one circuit for lighting (2.5mm plastic copper wire), one circuit for ordinary bedroom socket (2.5mm plastic copper wire), one circuit for kitchen bathroom socket (4.0mm plastic copper wire), one circuit for living room air conditioner (4.0mm plastic copper wire), and one circuit for bedroom air conditioner (4.0mm plastic copper wire). There is a master switch in front of it, in order to prevent leakage For the hidden dangers of electric shock and overload caused by improper use, an indoor strong current distribution box must be installed, and an air switch must be installed in the lighting and air conditioning circuits respectively. Leakage protectors must be installed in front of all socket circuits

weak current systems (including telephone lines, network lines, TV antennas, etc.) most of the old houses are open lines. In order to make the decorated new home more beautiful, it is suggested to change it into dark lines if possible during the secondary decoration process. When it is laid again, it should be designed to keep the weak current at least 30 cm away from the strong current lines

2. Waterway transformation

waterway is divided into water supply and drainage (also known as water supply and drainage), and water supply is also divided into hot and cold water. Hot and cold water transformation is the focus of toilet transformation. The waterways of old houses are mostly galvanized pipes, which are easy to rust and scale, and the exposed pipes are not beautiful. The decoration of new houses can be partially transformed and replaced. It is best to replace all the old houses from within the water diversion valve of the main pipeline. Because the toilets of the old houses are not very large, even if all the water pipes are replaced, the engineering quantity will not increase much. On the premise of ensuring the safety of water supply, the pipeline should be shortened as far as possible, but it should also be convenient for maintenance and beauty

the toilet of the old house is small. In order to expand the space, it is very necessary to open the waterway and take the concealed pipe, but the water pipe buried in the wall cannot have a joint, and it is better to have a complete pipe. According to our long-term experience in the reconstruction and maintenance of old houses, nine out of ten water pipe leaks are caused by joint problems. After the installation of the water pipe and before the sealing and tiling, it is best to conduct the pressure test with the pressure equipment. Generally, the construction team uses whether the water pipe leaks under normal conditions to replace the pressure test

the original sewer and floor drain of the old house can't meet the living needs of modern people. Only by adding pipes to move the sewer, before the new pipes are connected with the old pipes, you must check whether the old pipes are unblocked. At this time, cleaning up will avoid a lot of trouble in the future. Because of the problems of pit distance and drainage mode, many modern toilet seats in the old house cannot be directly installed and used. It is not easy to move the position of the sewage outlet. When encountering the above problems, we often use the toilet shifter. Many people think that the toilet shifter will affect the flushing, but after many times of use in the decoration of second-hand houses, we believe that as long as it is installed properly, it will not affect the flushing

3. Precautions for waterproofing of old houses

a after chiseling off the floor tiles, level the floor with cement mortar, and then carry out waterproof construction, so as to avoid leakage caused by uneven thickness

b when chiseling toilet wall and floor tiles, the wall vibrates due to beating. At this time, the joints between the wall and the ground and other corners and other places prone to problems should be carefully painted in place

c when installing the upper and lower water pipes, it is inevitable to loosen the upper and lower water pipes erected in the toilet, so the cement root protection of the upper and lower water pipes should be done first, and then the ground waterproof should be done, so as to form a composite waterproof layer

d after the bathroom wall tiles are chiseled off, check the wall for hollowing, sanding, cracking, etc. If any, repair it first and then apply waterproof paint

e the internal and external corners, floor drains, pipes and other places of the old house should be waterproof once more. The accounts shall be checked carefully before accounting All designs are free), and there are many discounts. Don't miss it





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