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The case I share with you today is from an owner in Guangzhou. When the designer recommended this case to me, I fell in love with it at a glance. The simple style design has a warm feeling close to life

the case shared today is an owner from Guangzhou

when the designer recommended this case to me, I fell in love with it at a glance

the simple design has a warm feeling close to life. Furniture design is for their daily life in the future. It pays attention to practical functions and is very humanized

115m2 house, the whole house uses log color, which makes it feel fresh and natural. Lying in such a house, no matter how much fatigue will dissipate

let's have a look at their home ~

entrance hallway

as soon as you open the door, it's a natural and warm picture. The combination of ivory and logs makes people feel very comfortable and pleasing to the eye

the shoe cabinet here just makes use of the recess in the original porch to solve the embarrassment of irregular house type

the form combination of upper and lower cabinets is more flexible, and the floor cabinet part can put commonly used shoes, which is convenient to take; Some of the less commonly used ones for changing seasons are put in the lockers


coming from the porch is the kitchen, where the designer made a combination of wine cabinet + partition cabinet, which can not only meet the storage needs of the restaurant, but also serve as a partition between guest restaurants

the design of the whole restaurant is also based on warmth. Warm yellow can best create a sense of happiness during meals, which is very helpful for the emotional exchange of a family

living room

the living room looks very warm and the color matching is also very amazing

the overall design is light and bright, and the light gray sofa has a simple shape, plus a few pillows, which makes it feel comfortable

in order to match the atmosphere of the living room, the designer specially selected this decorative painting as the background of the sofa wall, which is very harmonious

considering the future storage needs, the designer abandoned the TV wall decoration and adopted a large C-shaped TV cabinet. In this way, the sundries in the living room are not afraid of no place to hide

simple and generous cabinets are more practical than complex TV walls

after seeing their guest restaurant, let's take a look at the bedroom ~

master bedroom

the design of the master bedroom has a Chinese flavor. The designer creates a feeling of ink painting on the wall, and then matches it with some exquisite soft clothes to make the whole space elegant and extraordinary temperament

the gray tone is matched with warm Mocha yellow oak furniture, which harmonizes the cold and warm, and controls the atmosphere just right

looking at some details, the L-shaped large bay window can see the tall buildings and rivers in the distance, and the vision is very good; The small and smart bedside table is very convenient for taking things

I have to boast about the large wardrobe. The door style wardrobe can maximize the storage space. The top design makes use of the space of a whole wall, so there is no need to worry about the lack of clothes

natural log tone, it looks very soft, which adds a lot of points to the master bedroom

children's room

children's room is interesting, so the designer added cute elements to many details when creating this space, such as some cartoon stickers

and the overall tone is more simple and fresh than the master bedroom, mainly white, supplemented by Mocha yellow

children's clothes are no less than those of adults, so the children's room is still designed to the top, which provides more storage space for children


the design of a set of tatami + bookcase in the study has a very large storage space. In addition to being a study, it can also be used as a storage room at home

tatami is equipped with a lifting table, so that it can be built into a leisure space. When friends come, they can drink tea and play chess here

well, I'll share it with you today

(source of this article: schneiman whole house customized official account)




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