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In recent years, the survival pressure of steel and wood door manufacturers has become greater and greater, market competition has become greater and greater, and survival has become more and more difficult. Many steel and wood door manufacturers have begun to move to new markets, and have chosen to cooperate with decoration companies. However, there are problems in the cooperation between steel and wood door manufacturers and decoration companies! There are mainly four problems

first: some larger home decoration companies have their own material warehouses and exhibition halls. They do not need to purchase in the market, but directly purchase from manufacturers. In recent years, the rent of shopping malls has risen steadily, and the rent cost has accounted for about 50% of the operating cost of dealers. In contrast, the cost of selling steel and wooden doors by large-scale home decoration companies is lower. Thirdly, home decoration companies are closer to steel and wood door consumers, and can easily advise consumers what kind of steel and wood doors to choose and the overall matching effect

second: in order to increase sales, some stores choose to cooperate with home decoration companies and often hold decoration preferential activities in the stores. Steel and wood door enterprises sometimes benefit from this indirect way of cooperation, but most of the time they fail to achieve anything. The reason is that the building materials brands recommended by designers are not limited to the specified ones, but extended to all brands in the store. There are many brands in a big store, and the competition is large. A steel and wood door enterprise cannot dominate the world

third: there are many problems in cooperation with small decoration companies, such as less work, less cooperation opportunities, and high requirements. Some projects are subcontracted, and about 40% of the total project funds have been taken away by the large decoration company with one package when taking over. In addition, the industry regulation is that the owner pays the full amount after the decoration is completed, so the funds of small decoration companies will be tight, and misappropriation or pressure of funds will occur from time to time. If there is friction with the decoration company, although the cooperation will not be interrupted, the decoration company will have a negative impact on the products. Even if consumers choose steel and wood doors independently, designers will do things in various forms to let steel and wood door consumers give up the idea of buying

fourth: “ Hidden rules ” Everywhere, steel and wood door industry is also. To promote sales, we must rely on certain “ Contacts ”, That is, the popular “ Talent is the last word ”, Or various “ Red envelopes + meals ” Offensive, but “ Red envelopes + meals ” Must be built on “ Contacts ” Otherwise, even if you invite people to dinner and give money to people, you can't find someone. Therefore, some steel and wood door dealers cannot find “ Contacts ”, Naturally give up cooperation with such decoration companies

the four problems seriously hinder the cooperation between steel and wood door manufacturers and decoration companies, as well as the development of new channels for steel and wood door manufacturers





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