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Packaging enterprise famous brand strategy the implementation of famous brand strategy by enterprises refers to the process of careful planning, design and implementation of the establishment and development of famous brands in order to improve market competitiveness and economic benefits. Brand strategy is a complex systematic project, including the establishment of famous brand concept, the development and promotion of famous brand products, the establishment of famous brand image, the further development, consolidation and protection of famous brands. The development of famous brand products is the core and leader of famous brand strategy. Under the condition of market economy, enterprises must implement famous brand strategy if they want to win in the competition. An economist once said: "a world-famous trademark is a national treasure of a country. Can it be issued in the new year? Which country has more, it is a world economic power." Similarly, a city cannot become an economically strong city without famous brand products. The same is true of enterprises. Handan City proposes to implement the famous brand strategy among enterprises. How can packaging enterprises forge their own famous brands in the fierce market competition? Many of these devices adopt elastic polyurethane combined with metal parts to maintain the overall toughness brand and strengthen the enterprise, The author believes that we must do a good job in the following aspects

first, the government should give greater support to famous brand products. Enterprises should establish a strong awareness of famous brands and further expand their existing advantages

whether in the international market or the domestic market, the competition of products is essentially a competitive advantage. The government should create a loose environment for these star enterprises and famous brand products, which is conducive to the development of the external environment, so that these "famous brands" can concentrate on refining and expanding, further improve their popularity, and make greater contributions to economic development. Enterprises should change the concept of insufficient understanding of famous brand products. A good product is the foundation to support the brand. However, a good product may not be a famous brand product. Many enterprises have good products, but it is difficult to form a famous brand advantage. The main reason is that they do not have a long-term plan. They are only satisfied with living on their own, do not consider brand investment, blindly self-confident, self closed, and do not know how to manage the brand assets and the continuous appreciation and extension of the brand. Brand is a valuable intangible asset of an enterprise. The source of brand value is consumers' satisfaction with the brand. The "account" of brand value does not exist in the enterprise, but in the minds of consumers. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to remain invincible in September in the fierce market competition, it must change its concept, establish a relatively stable relationship with consumers with high-quality services, gradually accumulate brand assets, and regard creating famous brands as the most valuable investment behavior of the enterprise

II. Creating famous brands should be market-oriented and grasp the pulse of the market

the essence of market economy is famous brand economy, and the final result of market competition will be that famous brands divide the world. Without famous brand products, the market prospect is uncertain. Therefore, if we want to develop steadily, we must implement the famous brand strategy according to the market changes, pay attention to the famous brand economy, and if we leave the market, there is no way to talk about famous brands. The process of creating famous brands is actually the process of creating markets. After joining the WTO, the market competition will become more intense and complex. Therefore, the enterprise should establish a special market research organization to understand the basic situation and requirements of users through continuous market research, widely collect market information, and carefully study each piece of information on this basis, so as to achieve what products the users need and what products the enterprise produces, and avoid market research after the product becomes famous, As a result, the redevelopment of products is lagging behind. As a result, the market has changed, but the products have not made corresponding changes. The distance between products and consumers is getting larger and larger, which eventually leads to the phenomenon that famous brands are expelled from the market

III. take product service as the core of creating famous brands

production and service are connected. Since product service quality is the core of the brand, how can enterprises ensure the long-term prosperity of their brand through product service? Product quality not only involves the work of product portfolio design, new product development and other stages, but also includes the work of production and processing. At the same time, it is also closely related to the management and sales service level of the whole enterprise. Therefore, creating a brand and striving for a famous brand is not only the work of the marketing department or the marketing department, but also the work of all employees, including R & D, marketing and administrative departments. Only good products and excellent services can win the praise and trust of consumers. The same product quality can increase in value due to good service, or decrease in value due to poor service. In the implementation of the famous brand strategy, enterprises should continuously inject technology, culture and emotional content into the service methods, means and strategies, and have emotional communication with consumers, so as to enhance the market competitiveness of the brand. For example, Haier's perfect after-sales service and the cultural concept of "sincerity forever" make users feel friendly and warm, shorten the distance between Haier products and users, and establish the position of famous brand products in the minds of consumers

IV. properly handle the relationship between enterprise reputation and benefit

it is indisputable that enterprises attach importance to profit maximization, but to create famous brands, they must pay attention to reputation and integrity. If an enterprise does not have integrity, or has poor reputation and low credibility, even if the profit is high, it cannot become a famous brand enterprise. To establish a brand, we must adhere to the concept of integrity first. From time to time, we can not be temporarily affected by the enterprise benefits. As long as we persist, it will eventually bring long-term benefits

from another point of view, corporate brand management should pursue both popularity and user loyalty. This is because the enterprise has made a brand in the market competition, mainly because the product has won the love and trust of consumers, so as to continue to occupy the market and enjoy a relatively large market share. Customers are the lifeblood of an enterprise. Losing loyalty means losing the market. Enterprises should deeply understand the core position of brand loyalty in enterprise competition, vigorously improve the form of brand publicity, and pay more attention to the cultivation of loyal customers while opening up new customers

v. famous brands need cultural packaging

for a product, what consumers see is its shape, appearance and packaging, and then they know its internal quality and product performance. Just like knowing a person, the first impression is always his appearance, and then through contact and getting along, we can understand his character and inner world. The same is true of products. A wide range of goods are placed on the shelves for consumers to choose. This depends on which commodity has the strongest visual impact on consumers. As the saying goes: "people rely on clothes, horses rely on saddles", and products also rely on packaging. Cultural connotation is the soul of famous brands. Many international well-known companies have unique corporate culture to create a good corporate image and improve the reputation of products

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