900000 ton ethylene project put into operation in

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900000 tons of ethylene project was put into operation in Shanghai

the 900000 tons of ethylene project of Shanghai Secco was mechanically completed on the 30th, and the construction party and the investor realized the smooth handover in may2013. This marks the completion of the largest national key petrochemical project in China. It is also one of the largest single line ethylene plants in the world

the 900000 T/a ethylene project of Shanghai Secco is jointly invested and constructed by Sinopec, Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and BP chemical East China Investment Co., Ltd. and is by far the largest Sino foreign joint venture integrated petrochemical project in China. The total investment of the project is US $2.748 billion, covering an area of about 204 hectares. This project is located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, 50 kilometers southwest of Shanghai, along the coast of Hangzhou Bay. It consists of 9 sets of large-scale modern production units such as 900000 T/a ethylene, 500000 T/a aromatics extraction, 600000 T/a polyethylene and corresponding supporting public works. It is listed as a national key project during the Tenth Five Year Plan period by the Chinese government

this project has created two of the best in China: first, it has a high degree of integration. The upstream and downstream are closely connected, and there is no intermediate transition device. What goes in is cracking raw materials, and what comes out is synthetic resin and other downstream chemical products. Second, we must rely on the progress of core technology, which is short construction cycle, high level and good quality. The 900000 T/a ethylene project of Shanghai Secco was started at the end of March2002. The whole construction period is only 2 years and 9 months

ethylene production capacity is one of the important indicators to measure the development level of petrochemical industry in a country or region. With the development of domestic economy, the demand for ethylene in China has increased rapidly in recent years. At present, more than half of China's synthetic resins with ethylene as raw material rely on imports. The supply gap provides a huge market space for the accelerated development of China's ethylene industry

it is reported that the 900000 T/a ethylene project of Shanghai Secco will be put into operation in march2005. At that time, it will provide 2.28 million tons of high-quality and multi specification petrochemical products in short supply in China every year, which is expected to replace imports in automobile parts, ABS engineering plastics, medicine, household appliances and agricultural films

statement (4) evaluate the environmental feasibility of the project construction:

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