Agricultural Mechanization data is a blue ocean, a

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Agricultural Mechanization data is the blue ocean. Agricultural mechanization data is productivity

according to the report of authoritative media on April 6, taking a big data of shared bicycle travel as a reference, relevant units released the cycling report of major cities in China in the first quarter of 2017, using the urban cycling index as the evaluation index, in terms of bicycle use level, energy conservation and emission reduction level, health contribution level, parking facilities level From six aspects of service environment level and low social cost and civilization level, the shared bicycle development level of 20 domestic first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Xi'an and Hangzhou was evaluated and ranked for the first time. The report shows that people aged 30 and below account for 55% and about 35% of the main users of sharing bicycles, accounting for nearly 90%. It can be seen that bike sharing users not only cover young groups, but also have been widely recognized and used by middle-aged groups. At the same time, in the distribution of male and female users, different cities are divided into two factions. One is that the five cities represented by Xi'an and Guangzhou have become the "most men" sharing bicycle riding cities, with male users accounting for 55.90% - 59.70%, higher than female users. The five cities represented by Tianjin and Kunming have become the "most balanced" bike sharing cities, with the proportion of men and women between 48% - 52%, which can be said to be almost the same. But overall, the proportion of female users can reach about 45%. According to the scores of cities' friendliness to sharing bicycles, Hangzhou ranked first with 12.9 points, Nanjing and Xi'an ranked second and third with 12.75 and 12.22 points respectively, and Beijing ranked ninth with 9.94 points only. In the assessment of service environment level, Beijing ranked first with a full score of 15. The report also quoted experts as saying that the travel mode of "shared bicycle + public transportation" is gradually replacing the travel mode of household "Car + walking + public transportation". The rapidly developing shared bicycle is improving the travel mode of urban residents in China and has a far-reaching impact on the construction of a new transportation system in China. The report can play a reference role in seeing through the development status of urban slow traffic in China, tracking the development of shared bicycle industry and promoting the construction of intelligent green city

the development of sharing bicycles surged in a large area across the country at the beginning of this year, and relevant data statistics were available in just a few months. However, we have engaged in cross regional operation for more than 30 years and machine purchase subsidies for more than 10 years, and the sharing mode of agricultural machinery has been promoted for decades, but where are the relevant big data achievements

I remember a long time ago, when we studied the purchase subsidy, we mentioned that the statistics of purchase subsidy can predict the market development, put forward the early warning that the market can drive the green manufacturing level of relevant fields to accelerate the improvement and product early warning. Cross regional operation is also, through the flow direction of the operation team, carry out operation market guidance, early warning, and guide after-sales service. For example, in terms of informatization of agricultural mechanization and socialized services, Lovol heavy industry has the intervention of modern Internet technologies such as E-field technology, agricultural machinery 360, agricultural machinery help, and agricultural machinery communication. High technologies such as positioning system, counting system and navigation system are also applied to combine harvesters. A large amount of data is collected every year, but there is no analysis, and then the data is used to guide enterprises to develop products and guide the orderly flow of cross regional operations Judge the degree of market saturation and predict the trend of service price

for example, for the cross regional operation, do we also set up several indicators, including market saturation, market friendliness, price index, machine flow map, etc., which are published regularly every year. Another example is the purchase subsidy. Under the condition of protecting the privacy of individuals and enterprises, establishing data models and analyzing products are of great value for enterprise variety development and market development

whoever holds the data will hold the lead. Smart city and smart agriculture are no longer new terms. I think agricultural machinery still has defects in this regard. We should not only develop intelligent agricultural equipment, but also establish an intelligent socialized service system for agricultural machinery. The basis of this intelligent system is data - massive big data. We have decades of data accumulation. The aluminum core electrical lines installed at the initial stage of the foundation have frequent fire conditions, which are quite good. If it is only used to calculate the level of agricultural mechanization and the annual operation scale, and then calculate the social and economic benefits, The tip of the iceberg is overqualified

data is a blue ocean and data is productivity. Let's roll up our sleeves and dig

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