Compared with traditional LCD, the weight of all r

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Compared with the traditional LCD, the weight of all resin LCD is less than 1/10

Merck of Germany and flexenable of UK announced that if the processing cycle is too long, IPS (in plane switching) mode LCD has been formed on the flexible resin substrate. This is achieved by using an organic TFT array on the backplane without using glass at all. Compared with the traditional LCD with glass substrate, the thickness is less than 1/10 and the weight is less than 1/10. It is estimated that the manufacturing cost can be reduced

flexenable company is a new enterprise established by British plastic logic company in February 2015 for mass production of flexible electronic parts. The organic TFT array on the resin substrate is formed by first forming the organic TFT array on the glass substrate, and then stripping the organic TFT array from the glass substrate by laser stripping technology and sacrificial layer technology. When the process temperature is below 100 ℃, cheap substrate materials such as pet can be used. At present, the carrier mobility is about 1cm2/VS, which is expected to reach 10cc919 in the near future. A large number of composite materials and new aviation alloys are also adopted, about m2/vs

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